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Tweaks hair colors and adds actual useable ombre. Works for both female/male characters.

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I was disappointed that we didn't get ombres like Cora, because I imagined my Ryder with blonde hair and pink strikes. Were you disappointed too? No more! I took a look at all the unusable (my opinion) hair colors and actually made them useable. You can pick from variety of styles - black hair/green ombre, blonde/pink, or blue/purple! Additionaly, I tweaked the rest of colors too (none of them are gone!!) - so now you can get blondes without the dark strands, actual black or red. Some of the examples are in gallery.

WORKS FOR BOTH FEMALE/MALE. Different colors look better/worse on different hairstyles. 

06/15/2017 - Hair overhaul - tweaks and ombre  2.0 
06/13/2017 - Hair colors tweaks - with ombre

Hair overhaul - tweaks and ombre 2.0 - natural colors are less washed, better ombres
- unfortunately, (only) ombre colors don't match their icons atm - will upload soon Optional file for that
-should be "somewhat" OK with only medium/high textures and low settings*

Not compatible with any mod that changes the same texture (hair colors)
Images are shown with high/ultra settings.
Images with Medium/High textures and overall Settings LOW are included too. 
Consult and see this article about the best settings for you 

Made with Patch 1.08
Install with Frosty Mod Manager
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