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These tutorials will help walk you through how to use the Frosty Mod Manger as well as the Frosty Editor.

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Frosty Tool Suite Tutorial

Frosty ToolSuite was developed and released by GalaxyEham.

These tutorials will quickly walk you through a basic understanding of how to begin using the Frosty Mod Manager as well as the Frosty Editor Tools

The Frosty Mod Manager allows you load mods created by others or yourself, and to view which files specifically are being affected.  It also acts as a game launcher so that mods are only applied for that instance, making it easy to play the vanilla game again.

The Frosty Editor is a unique tool that allows you to customize your MEA experience to your own liking. It is a powerful tool and these tutorials only touch the surface of what can be done with it.  Everything from texture modding to character stats to weapon mods, this tool is all you need to create your favorite MEA experience.  The Editor also acts as a game launcher, only writing to file for that instance.  If you want to play vanilla, launch as you normally would through the game's .exe or Origin

Included are excel spreadsheets with the location of powerstats, weaponstats, armorstats, and playerstats for easy reference.  Updated to Patch 1.09.

Shout out to bikeracer4487 for providing the armorstats spreadsheet!  Thanks!

The tutorial was made with Frosty 1.0.1a, but remain essentially the same.  see the change log offered by the DEV on Github for specifics.

NOTE:  The excel spreadsheets may not be updated past patch 1.09.

I am not the author of this tool, please report all issues to the following discord server in the
'TroubleShooting' channel.


The Frosty Tool Suite can be found on at:


At at:

The focus of the Frosty Editor Tutorial is on Playable Characters, Weapons, and Powers, but should give you great way to start modding with the tool.

Additional tutorials focused on texture modding by mod author MunchFly can be found at: