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Removes the Blasto logo from the athletic wear. 4 different versions for Female Ryder.

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DISCLAIMER: This mod is a modder's resource now. You are free to use them for your own mods, the only thing I ask - please mention that you used my assets and provide the links to my mods. I will likely no longer be updating or maintaining my mods, thank-you for all your kind words and awesome screenshots I do really appreciate it!

Some quick changes to the athletic wear that removes the Blasto logo from the athletic wear comes in 3 versions for Female Ryder. If there is a demand I will make a Male Ryder Version. Male Version Here :)

This mod requires the "deluxe version" of MEA.

3 Versions: Update 4 Versions
a) Plain Jane- no Blasto logo, vanilla texture, fully tintable
b) AI Version- no Blasto logo, AI logo and AI necklace, vanilla texture,fully tintable
c) Knit Version- no Blasto logo, AI logo and vanilla Volus necklace, knit texture on shirt, fully tintable
d) Plain Jane with AI Necklace- no Blasto logo, vanilla texture with AI necklace, fully tintable

I highly recommend you use with smoothintheshell aka munchyfly's tint edit for the pants (see screens) which you can get here.

Made with FrostyEditor, requires Frosty Mod Manager to install. Video tutorial here by the lovely smoothintheshell aka munchyfly here.

I have included an optional file under downloads that has my merged texture files as a resource for modders (see below note for permissions).

Permissions: Please do not claim as your own, do not upload to other sites and use at your own risk if you play multiplayer (I will not be held responsible if you get banned so you have been forewarned). I suggest you keep a vanilla backup to swap in and out when you want to play multiplayer just to be on the safe side. All my mods are free to use/edit and are modder's resources so feel free to edit to your heart's content all I ask is that you credit me and that you link back to me mod. Please note that this does not include permission to port/convert it to another game as all the base assets belong to Bioware. 

Thank-you to the developers and testers of the modding tools and all the other amazing modders for keeping me inspired. Special shout out to smoothintheshell/munchyfly for keeping me sane and for inspiring me love you! :)