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Because there's nobody who actually likes inventory management, right?

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Do you still have nightmares about the pre-patch inventory limit? Do you believe that such small inventory was made specifically to deny you the right to own 5000 assault rifle barrels? Do you feel that you should have every level of every weapon and piece of armor in your inventory at all times, just in case? Then this mod is (probably) for you!

Since the old inventory mod is outdated, I went and made my own. This one shouldn't be affected by AVP inventory upgrades.

Now, I know that 99999 is not nearly infinite, but I didn't input something like 9999999999999 due to my severe phobia of large numbers. If you feel that this mod's inventory limit is not kinky enough for you, feel free to grab Frosty Editor and direct it to game/progression/stats/balance/inventorysize where you can really let your imagination go wild.

Just unpack the archive anywhere and then activate the mod within with Frosty Mod Manager. It's pretty cool.