Mass Effect Andromeda
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This mod changes the color of Drack's armor.

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This mod uses the Frosty Tool Suite (Mod Maker and Mod Manager) by Ehamloptiran. Please grab it from here: Many thanks to him!
This mod changes the appearance of Drack's armor. I didn't like the brown of Drack's armor so the Black & Yellow version of this mod changes the brown color to black (the yellow is the original yellow). I also made a Black & Orange version because it looked nice and I figured I'd share. If you want other colors lmk I'll see what I can do.
*Important Note: While the Black & Yellow variation will match with the helmet, the Black & Orange variation will not. Meaning, at the moment, krogan helmets are a shared texture and not unique to Drack. Drack's helmet color will remain in its original state (yellow) even while using the Black & Orange mod. I will continue to look into ways to work around this, but in the mean time, keep this in mind when downloading this mod (i.e. keep squadmate helmets off when using the Black & Orange mod variant if it bothers you).