Mass Effect Andromeda
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Small texture changes of Squad Mates armor to match Initiative white/blue theme and AI logo

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Small texture changes of Squad Mates armor to match Initiative white/blue theme.

v1.4 - Adjusted Drack helmet colors and tested ingame (there can be some adjustments be made, but, I'm satisfied) (made with frost 1.0.3alpha)
        - Added Vetra helmet (adjusted a little the visor transparency from 0.9 to 0.75) (made with frost 1.0.3alpha

v1.3 - Added Drack helmet (made with frost 1.0.3alpha) - didn't test inageme

v1.2 - Fixed Drack blue arm (made with frost 1.0.2)

v1.1 - Added AI logo for Drack, Peebee, Vetra (made with frost 1.0.2)
       - Fixed small issue on Peebee chest area

Affected squad mates armor:


Each teammate has separate mod files so you can choose which one you want. But they are all in one archive or as optional downloads.
IMPORTANT: HELMETS ARE NOT MODIFIED! For example, Drack helmet will be in its default color. I couldn't find the specific texture for the helmet. In Drack case it seems it is a shared texture or something.

Note: This is made by personal taste for myself and thought to share it.

Note: It is not perfect, I may or may not improve it based on the time I have.

Note: In the screenshots, I'm using the visor and monocle remover for Vetra and Jaal from this mod MY MOD DOES NOT REMOVE THEM.

Feel free to upload screenshots, opinions.


Note: This mod was created for game version 1.08. Future version should work.

Mod requires Frosty Mod Manager for installation:

Credits for original textures: Bioware Mass Effect Andromeda