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Adds the available consumable quantity to the load-out selection screen.

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Adds the quantity available of consumables to the load-out selection display.
So you can see how many of those are left, and choose something else instead of selecting the last remaining single disruptor ammo for a long fight.

  • This mod depends on the items' name, meaning this works only with english game text!
  • Any not recognized consumable will show up with a dummy value of -1 for their available quantity.
  • A compatibility patch is required for items added by mods to correctly show up! A patch for the Groundside Firepower Pack is provided here under optional files. This patch needs to overwrite the main UI mod.

For Modders:
The sources are provided in a separate download under miscellaneous files.
In `game/ui/common/selector/ItemCountLoaderBlueprint` there is a switch case statement for the item name, which feeds a select with inputs from MEItemStackableCountEntityDatas for each of the item references.
I couldn't get the itemHash value based selector to work. The input in that assets comes from query entities that have variants of BaseItemUIEntry as their type, so there is a numeric ItemUID, but that uid is not in fact unique or consistent over playthroughs!
To adapt this mod to other languages, the switch case entity at ItemCountLoaderBlueprint objects[2] needs to have the cases names changed to those of the item names in your language, then all the event connections with `Case <ItemName>` need to be changed as well.

Credits and Special Thanks:
Gman, Cade, Wannkunstbeikor and all the other developers of the Frosty Toolsuite for those. Without them, mods would not be possible!
BreakfastBrainz2 for showing me how select entities work and the FNV Hasher Plugin.
Pete and LionAG / Nesae for the ObjectFlagsCalculator

The Screenshots shows some items from the Groundside Firepower Pack, including the new Medigel icon by Munchyfly (thanks for that again!)