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A Fly Cam tool with several functions to create unusual footage

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This is not my mod! It was created by the modder HattiWatt1.

I searched a long time to find a way to enable the fly cam in Mass Effect Andromeda and the original site of HattiWatt1 is down. So, when I finally found a working version that matched with the current game version, I thought I share it with you.

It's a stand alone application, so just extract it in your prefered folder. Then start the game and when your level is finished loading, start the exe. A second cmd window will appear which functions as a control protocol. If your game version matches the cinematic tool version (which is should), it will end with "GUI found" in green. I check off the "disable all input" box and go back into the game. If you toggle the gamepad input in game, the camera location and view is fixed but you have control over the character.

INSERT - Toggle camera
DELETE - Toggle time freeze (or home button on gamepad)
HOME - Toggle UI (or home and settings button at the same time for at least 1 second on your gamepad)
END - Toggle gamepad input

Move camera with either
NUMPAD 8/5 4/6 7/9 + Arrow keys for rotation NUMPAD 1/3 for roll
or XInput Gamepad.

Gamepad thumb down will also change FoV.
Dpad up/down will change speed, right side buttons (X/A/B or we) control
camera track recording and playback.

To use post process settings, go to Post Process -> Desired effect and first
check the box next to the name of the effect.

Here is the link to a video explaining how the cinematic tools work in Mass Effect Andromeda by NOZSE:

There are several functions that include a pause and also a way to control the pathfinder while in fly cam mode. Here is a video a created using cinematic tools.