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Wavebend and Because_Bot_Fed

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Adjusts default min/max values for facial sliders to unlock the full range of skill colors. Adds more granular control of the skin tone slider.

Permissions and credits
99.99% of credit goes to Wavebend who was awesome enough to check my work, found out I wasn't even editing the right files, and then basically went and made the mod for me. Thanks again for all your help! :) 

To install, you will need to download MEAExplorerWV :

Launch MEAExplorerWV.exe, go to Mod Manager, Mods -> Load List -> select my .meamod -> Run All

How to install (step-by-step guide):

Make sure to create a backup of your game first!

To uninstall:

Alternatively the raw facialtraitsscreen.ebx.bin file has been included and can be imported directly into the facialtraitscreen.ebx found @ Game//UI//CharacterCreate//Blueprints//FacialTraitsScreen