Mass Effect Andromeda
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Upgrades the Inventory size from 200 to 9 999 999 and the remnant decryption key maximum stack size from 9 to 9 999.
Compatible with Frosty's Editor v1.0.6 beta 2.

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This mod is the same than Super Upgraded Inventory and Remnant Key Stacksize by KryptikCyphor27, but is compatible with Frosty's Mod Manager v1.0.6 beta 2.

It is made with Frosty's Editor v1.0.6 beta 2 (the Project File is provided too, for easier mod support, better self documentation, and for didactic purpose).

TIP: Best used jointly with Tempest Superstore mod, made by Kjaro, if you want to purchase packs of 5 remnant decryption keys at tempest store (store is restocked at savegame reload).

Illustration image credit: Herbert Lowis (via Art Station) :