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Changes the appearance of Castis to match his appearance in the Mass Effect Homeworlds comics.

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Introducing Lore Friendly Castis!

Lore Friendly Castis is a minor cosmetic mod that returns Castis to his comic-book self, including custom colony markings (making it so that he no longer shares markings with Avitus Rix) and changing his eye color from light brown to their original blue.

Is this a small and incredibly petty complaint in the grand scheme of things? Yes! Unfortunately for everyone I am a petty and incredibly small person.


Castis' new markings occupy the green channel on the "BonePaint_01" file, meaning that the other important turian npcs such as Avitus Rix, Tiran Kandros, and Kaetus, will all retain their facial markings. Any mods that alter this channel will also alter Castis' facial markings.

Head Variation 2 of the Turian Ryder mod uses this channel, so if you have this variant installed then your turian ryder will also sport Castis' markings (albeit with a green color instead).

The Turian Makeover mod has no compatibility issues with this mod (in fact, it's featured in the screenshots).

Requires Frosty Mod Manager.