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The Virmire Casualty Mod replaces Kai Leng with Ashley or Kaidan, depending which one was left on Virmire in Mass Effect 1.

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This mod was made to address Kai Leng, one of the most hated characters in the Mass Effect trilogy by replacing him with the Virmire Casualty. Ashley/Kaidan act as silent characters until the end of Thessia, where they reveal themselves, and later give an explanation as to how they survived and joined Cerberus.

Because Legendary Edition is coded differently from the Original Trilogy, VCM isn't compatible with it and can't be ported over. The mod would have to be recreated from scratch, which won't be the case since I'm not interested in buying Legendary.

Installation instructions:
1. Download this mod.
2. Open ME3Tweaks Mod Manager.
3. Drag the 7z file into Mod Manager.
4. Import the mod.
5. Apply the mod.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that affect parts of the game that feature or mention Kai Leng, such as:

Project Variety.


Shut Up Leng.

Kai Leng Refined.

Immersive Thessia Mod.

The Orikon Collection.

Phantom Introduction Mod.

Miranda Mod.

Miranda - Horizon Armor.

Special thanks goes to DanRuta for the MEVA Synth mod that was used to make new voice lines for this mod.