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Adds Legion as a bonus squadmate for the Arena.

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  • Polish

Legion can be selected as an optional squadmate for the Armax Arena(or technically an advanced VI simulating him)

-He will join you with the following set, mostly taken from ME2:

-Defense Matrix
-Disruptor Ammo
-Combat Drone
-Geth Infiltrator(Tali Passive based, with Rank 6 Weapon Damage instead of Drone Specialist)

-Has 600/500 base shield/health like Javik.

-To unlock him, you MUST make peace between Quarians and Geths, then Tali send you an Email in the combat sim terminal. You just have to read it and Legion will be available.


Naturally compatible with Aria Arena Mod
There is a fixing clip in PV3 when the Cerberus Phantom armor in the maniquinn appear when you receive the reward. This mod override this but besides this it'd  be fine to use PV 


For allowing me using his files to make this mod compatible with his.
Tydeous for the rewritting of the email of Tali, sounds like a small change but far better than my original version.
The modding community in general, for make me want doing some mod, a and indirectly helping me understanding how all of this work (but the road is still very long before I can pretend to be at their level)