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Various fixes for Mass Effect 3. Third Update.

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1st Update: Improved the "Predator" fix and the fix for "Passive Buffs".
2st Update: A couple of new fixes and improvement for Broken Buffs.
3rd Update: A couple of new fixes and an update for Broken Passives.

Broken buffs are now working in all DLC's, including "Omega" & "Armax Arsenal Arena". Buffs from Nyreen and Aria are now working on everyone, rather on its owner only. Passive buffs should work from the beginning of the mission till the end, and they will not disappear if you reload the save. When Nyreen joins your party, her buffs should work immediately.

Buffs from Aria / Nyreen may not work from the beginning of the stage, if you have already started Omega(depends on how many levels you beat), but they will work, if you reload the save during the mission. Unfortuanately, the buffs don't work in the last mission on Omega, because the devs decided to make the things harder not only for modders, but also for themselves, so they changed the loadout in the final mission(looking forward to fix this).

Broken passives should work on every single character in the "Armax Arsenal Arena". If you won the match, you don't have to re-enter the arena again. You can play on the same map as much as you want.

PS: I decided to push this update because I will take a break and I don't know when I will update this mod again. I have a few more fixes available, but they are in early beta versions, so they are not even worth mentioning.

Fix Pack For Mass Effect 3. By Nexusglad

 Minor Fixes:

Fixed the "Fade to Black" effect when you stay on the same map("Try Again") in the "Armax Arsenal Arena".

Fixed sound clipping issues/no sound, if you and your team do not have talent points to bring a workbench sequence during transaction to the third mission on Omega.

 Kassa Fabrication Chestplate:

Fixed a bug where "Kassa Fabrication Chestplate" was listed as "Rosenkov Materials Chestplate" in the "Spectre Requisitions".

 Game Over Screen & Resume Game:

Fixed a bug where passive buffs from Shepard will stack(doubled) on your party members every time you press "Resume Game" in the "Game Over" screen.

Example: Take a Sentinel class, select Squad Bonus(Fitness) for HP & Shields and save the game. Then just go and die, and when the "Death Screen" appears, click "Resume Game". After loading, your squad members should have more HP and Shields than they had before.

 Spectre Weapons:

Fixed a bug where buying a Spectre Weapon in NG+, will remove the ability to find its original copy.

For example: if you buy the "Black Widow" in NG+, you will not find the regular "M-98 Widow", unless you've already found it. The same goes
for: "M-11 Wraith" & "M-77 Paladin" and their original copies.

 Spectre Status:

Fixed a bug where the Spectre Status, in some circumstances, was not transferred to the 3rd game, if you were reinstated in the 2nd game.

 Sniper Rifle Concentration Mod:

Fixed a bug where the Sniper Rifle Concentration Module does not show its levels (e.g: II, III, IV or see screenshots) in the store.

 Fuel Capacity:

Fixed a bug where the "Fuel Capacity" was not transferred to the 3rd game. To receive this bonus, you must improve your "Fuel Capacity" in the 2nd game. Choices in "Mass Effect: Genesis" will not help you get this bonus.

 M-3 Predator:

Fixed a bug that made it impossible to upgrade "Predator" to level 10. You were supposed to get 3 LVLs for free in NG+, but this gun can't be found because you get it automatically at the beginning of the mission.

Now, when you start NG+, you will immediately get these missing levels and the ability to upgrade this gun to lvl 10.

 Ashley's "Marksman" Power:

Fixed an old bug with Ashley's "Marksman" power. This power was not broken when the game was released... BioWare broke it in one of their "Patches". 

 N7 Typhoon:

Fixed a bug with Typhoon's recoil. Typhoon's recoil will now decrease with each upgrade, rather than increase. At level 1, "N7 Typhoon" will have the highest recoil, and at level 10 - the lowest.

 Captain Kirrahe:

Added missing war asset - "Salarian Special Tasks Group", for saving Captain Kirrahe in the first Mass Effect. To get the asset, you do not have to talk with Kirrahe, you just need to complete the mission - "Priority: Sur'Kesh".

 New Intel Bonus:

Restored missing Intel - "Khan's Network Exposed", from "DLC: Citadel". You will immediately receive this Intel bonus, when you return to your apartment after completing "Silver Coast Casino: Infiltration" mission.

 Javik's Powers:

Added missing line to the med bay to reset Javik's powers. Now you can reset Javik's powers whenever you want.

 Squad Members From DLC:

Fixed a bug where your DLC teammates were missing 1 point to upgrade their 5th power to level 3. Removed pre-selected powers and added full respec. Now they will join your party with only one power, just like your original teammates. The starting abilities for DLC teammates were taken from previous Mass Effect games.

Example - in the first game, Wrex had Barrier and Warp as his starting powers, but in the 3rd game, Wrex does not have Warp, so his starting power shoud be Barrier. Jacob and Miranda will get their first starting powers from the 2nd game, which is "Pull" for Jacob and "Overload" for Miranda. The rest of the squad only had 1 power in the previous games, so there's not much to choose from.

 Missing / Useless Talent Points:

Fixed BioWare's math problems with remaining talent points. Added missing talent points, so you can improve all your powers to level 6 without any leftovers. All the missing points will be given to you gradually, starting from level 57.

 New Bonus Power:

Restored bonus power - "Stimulator Pack", from "DLC: Citadel". To unlock this bonus power, you must meet the following conditions:

1. You must recruit Wrex in the first Mass Effect.
2. Wrex must survive in the first Mass Effect.
3. The Genophage must be cured.

When you meet all the conditions and complete the last mission in "DLC: Citadel", you will immediately unlock this bonus power. This power was originally planned for the game, but BioWare simply forgot to implement and add it to the game...

 Broken Passive Bonuses From Squad:

Not many people(surprisingly) are aware of this bug. Some people know about James and his broken passive bonuses to HP and Shields, because the difference is easy to notice after re-loading the save. But only a few people know that basically every Passive Buff is broken. The actual fix was lost... But
I still have a workaround for this problem. It will fix all the passive bonuses of your squad, and they will not disappear after reloading.


Binkw32 DLC Bypass.
Any copy of the game.


Place "DLC_CON_FixPack" folder, into your DLC folder.
Path: "Mass Effect 3 -> BIOGame -> DLC".


Most likely won't work with mods that have the same files.