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This mod brings all new hand sculpted meshes to the ME3 to replace the existing femshep casual outfits. This will not only affect all of femsheps base game casual outfits but it will replace some outfits used by the female NPCs.

Permissions and credits
* Whats New? *

Now there is a Buff version of the new hand sculpted models! See images above to get an idea of what a bad ass N7 soilder should look like!

- What is this mod? -

There is a lot of re-texture mods here on the Nexus and so I decided to make what I consider to be a huge leap forward in the enhancements to this game by replacing the models with new ones. This mods goal is to replace all of the base game femshep casual outfit models with brand new meshes that have been hand sculpted in 3DSMax. This allows me to have finally fixed what I consider to be a bad case of scoliosis that femshep has and at the same time feminize her a little more with an hour glass figure. Because of this I was able to fix that god awful dress hiding in sheps closet so it is actually worth strutting on the citadel and I was able to trim up some of the love handles that the entire naval alliance seemed to be suffering from. 
Each model was extracted from the game using ME3Explorer, re-sculpted in 3DSMax, and then re-imported into the game while maintaining all of the original rigging for animations. I haven't done extensive testing but theoretically this mod should not only look better in game and compliment all of the texture mods available here on the Nexus, but it should improve some of the animations now that shep isn't breaking her back everywhere she goes.
Worth noting that because this is derived from the base game models they are relatively low poly so when reshaping things sometimes it doesn't look "perfect" if there is enough demand for it I will look into fixing that in a future update.
Please keep in mind this is the first mod that I am releasing for this game and I am eager to hear some feedback. If you guys want to see more I can start working on other models/characters and even play with the idea of increasing the poly count on the models to make them much higher quality.

- How to install? -

I have taken the time to use the ME3 Mod Manager to pack this into a DLC mod, for most end users this should work fine for installation and all you have to do is use the Mod Manager to install it. You can find the link for the Mod Manager here: Mod Manager (only version 6 or higher)
Here are instructions for install using the Mod Manager:
"To install this mod, import it into Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager by dragging and dropping the archive onto the main window of Mod Manager. Import the mod, and then select the mod on the left, then press Apply Mod. To uninstall the mod, go to Restore > Custom DLC Manager, and select [your dlc name here] and choose Disable or Delete."


I have also included an optional file that is a zip archive of all the source files I used when making this mod including the .max project files, the .psk files after exporting from 3DSMax, and the .upk files after repacking the .psk using the Unreal Development Kit. I have included this for any and all modders that want to experiment with making their own mods or simply makes some tweaks to mine which I encourage just please give credit where credit is due.

If you are like me and already have a complex modded Mass Effect 3 game, then consider downloading the source files and manually replace the meshes using meshplorer from the ME3Explorer tool set, that way you can maximize compatibility with your existing outfit mods.

- Versions -

There are currently two versions of the main mod file. They are pretty much the same thing except the "Buff Version" has more defined muscles, especially for the arms to make femshep more of a bad ass N7 that she is. Please keep in mind that I only made this version per popular demand. I don't have a desire to pursue this avenue with other outfits but I know a lot of people wanted it. (PS: the chest was also shrunk a smidge on the buff version to better fit the aesthetic)
***WARNING*** using the buff version will also affect some other NPCs like some of the Normandy crew. So shep won't be the only buff lady walking around. I made the arms as big as i could without throwing off the rigging and animations. Some animations might look funny while using the buff version, I have not done extensive testing.

- Compatibility -

This mod should be compatible with all texture mods and with DLC mods considering it only affects base game assets. Please keep in mind though that DLC mods and other outfits replacement mods can overwrite the models that I have included with this mod. So basically anything that affects the BIOG_ARM_HMF_CTHR.pcc in the cookedpcc file tree.

- Future plans -

If people take a liking to what I have created here then i want to expand this to affect all female NPC's in the base game and also make a NSFW version for a new romance body. I have figured out how to remove the pesky underwear seams that have plagued all of the romance body re textures to date. So let me know if you guys want to see that come in the future. Keep an eye on the forum attached to this mod page, it will contain my progress on other models I am sculpting!

- Special Thanks -
I am extremely grateful for the vast and wonderful community surrounding mass effect modding. It is by far one of the most involved communities around on the nexus. I found nothing but helpful support over on the ME Mods discord and the ME3Tweaks discord as well. But i would like to give special thanks to a few people out there:
- Mellin -
was extremely helpful in aiding me in the process of figuring out how to get a custom model in game without breaking everything
- Mgamerz -
is one of the admins who also provided me with nothing but support and I thank them for their assistance
- Scottina123 -
very knowledgeable information on 3D formats i was using when testing