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You've all seen many images I uploaded of my character here on Nexus. Now it's time I release the sliders if you want this hot looking Shepard for yourself! I created her to be an infiltrator in the Mass Effect 3 universe. I wanted a character to call my own and didn't want to feel like I was copy/pasting. So this is my FemShep I came up with.

Permissions and credits

This mod is a simple sliders image sharing file on how to make your FemShep character look exactly like mine.  This character I created looks better and is designed to look her best with longer hair.  Short hair really doesn't cut it for this character design I came up with.  She looks okay with some of the vanilla short hair variants in the vanilla version of Mass Effect 3.  I created this character on my own because I wanted to come up with something original.  Also I wanted my FemShep to look hot, but I wanted to add a touch of boldness to her. 

If you want your character to look the same as mine, download the main file and follow the slider image instructions on the character creation screen.  Follow my instructions correctly and your FemShep will look exactly like mine.  I also included 6 sample images of what this FemShep character will look like from some of the cut scenes in the Mass Effect 3 game. 

Mod Instructions:
Simple.  All you have to do is extract the file on your desktop or wherever you want on your computer.  The Aurora Shepard Sliders Instructions is the one you want which contains the slider image instructions.  The 6 images outside of the file are only samples to show off what your FemShep will look like in some of the cut scenes in the game.

You can also use a different hair style if you don't want to use the same hairstyle I used on my FemShep.  I highly recommend using the Hair Mods As DLC mod because this was easier for me to get the hair mod I wanted for my FemShep character.  The hair I used is called "Da Bomb" hairstyle.  The file I downloaded in order to get the hair style from this mod is GPGf 33-48.  For instructions on how to install the hair mod, go to the Hair Mods as DLC mod here on Mass Effect 3 Nexus.

You can also get the hair mesh at this site created by Girls Play Games.  You can find DaBomb hairstyle at the following link:

In addition, if you don't want this specific hairstyle for this FemShep character, you can also check out Girls Play Games other hair mods at the following link:

Credit goes to Girls Play Games for one of the hair mods I used. She also has other hairstyles for ME3 at the following link:

Also credit goes to Elysium Fic for the Hair Mods as DLC mod. The link to the mod is at the following:

Additional credit again goes to Elysium Fic for the UPDATED FemShep's Armory DLC.
In most of my images on Nexus I used an armor mod from this mod author
for my FemShep character to display in my collection of images here on
the Nexus. The link to this mod is at the following:

Final credit goes to Kitsumi for the Modded Causal Outfit Top Tank Short and
Larger mod. This is also another mod I used in some of my screenshots of
my Aurora FemShep character. You can get this mod at the following