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Hidden at 29 Apr 2020, 1:28AM by Vrky for the following reason:
Due to extreme changes in ReShade, qUINT and RTGI I have put development of EyeStrain and EyeStrain Suite on ice indefinitely.
I am sorry to anyone that has been waiting but I can not keep up with changing frameworks every 3 days.
Hopefully when everything calms down and all 3 games have a working depth buffer detection I will release EyeStrain to the public.

EyeStrain Suite is not shutting down in development,on contrary it is in most intensive development it has ever been.
EyeStrain Suite 5 is the next update and it will be released in 1 to 2 months of writing.
There is so many additional options and capabilities that will be included that it is difficult for me to even keep track of all the additions.

When it's perfect it is done.