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The original Mass Effect trilogy UI does not work well with 21:9 ultrawide resolutions. Flawless Widescreen improves support but does not properly scale the UI. The goal of my mod is to fix the problems and properly scale the game's GUI to 21:9 ultrawide resolutions.

Permissions and credits
If you have not already, check out my other mods for the other games in the original trilogy: Mass Effect Ultrawide and Mass Effect 2 Ultrawide

The GUI of the original Mass Effect trilogy is a mess when you play at 21:9 resolutions. Flawless Widescreen helps, but does not provide a complete
solution. That is not a knock against Flawless Widescreen. But Flawless Widescreen alone doesn't provide a complete solution. My mod actually
modifies the game's UI directly in order to fix the scaling and placement. In tandem with Flawless Widescreen for its FOV and black bar
fixes, it's now possible to have a true 21:9 experience with Mass Effect.

Before we begin, there are a couple of things to know.

  • Mass Effect Mod Manager is required for installation!
  • This is mentioned further down this page, but back up your game installation before loading any mods.
  • This is mentioned further down too. Mod Manager does not mean this mod will work with others on your list. If any mods have file conflicts with this one, you are guaranteed to have problems. Before reporting bugs, test if the problem happens with a vanilla install of the game and only this mod.
  • I consider this mod to be a beta. The game's file structure is messy. I believe I've updated all GUI items but there may be some that have not
  • been fixed yet. In my play testing using a vanilla install of the game with this mod, I have not run into any hangs/crashes or game-breaking problems. Bugs may be introduced that I'm not yet aware of. I will do my best to knock out any problems or GUI elements that are not working right. If you want to report an issue, please provide details about when and how you encountered the problem, and screenshots.
  • As with other mods which change the game's base files, install this before any texture mods. Installing this after texture mods WILL result in
  • black triangles and other texture problems. This includes even minor release updates for my mod. As with any other mods, make a backup before installing.
  • I have only tested this on a 3440x1440 display. The mod uses a resolution which should also scale to 2560x1080. This is NOT intended for other
  • aspect ratios like 32:9 or eyefinity setups. They may be improved by the mod but I will not be supporting those resolutions. 16:9 is not intended either, but then if you're on 16:9 you shouldn't be installing this.
  • I have not tested compatibility with any other Mass Effect 3 mods. Mods that are simple .ini or Coalesced changes should be fine. Mods that
  • replace the same files will not work correctly.
  • This mod does not fix the renderer scaling of in-game cutscenes. The game's cutscenes are hardcoded for 16:9 resolutions. I have tried to address this but the results are unsatisfactory. When you extend the resolution, most cutscenes behave strangely because there are things covered by the black bars you're not supposed to see. There's "hall of mirrors" effects where pieces of the level are missing, the citadel tower cutscene is made up of static screenshots with engine text printed on them, some animations don't look right etc. Basically the black bars are there to cover up immersion-breakers. This can probably be fixed some day. But that is out of the scope of this mod and beyond my skill.
  • This does not fix the pre-rendered cinematics. Neither does Flawless Widescreen. Expect some cutting off and stretching on any pre-rendered
  • cinematics. I've done a little testing on modifying those and got a couple of them to work with only minor stretching. May update those if there is enough interest.
  • While Flawless Widescreen is not a requirement to use with this mod, I strongly recommend it. Some menus such as the main menu will not display
  • correctly without Flawless Widescreen's FOV correction. The menu is perfectly functional but will be skewed out of place.
  • Special disclaimer note for multiplayer. I have modified the multiplayer GUI as well for ultrawide resolutions. While this is not a cheat or exploit, using modded files in multiplayer is not a zero-risk choice. I doubt Bioware cares about this any more, and the chance of getting banned for it is probably VERY remote. I have used the mod myself in multiplayer matches with no negative effects. Nonetheless, you assume any and all risk using a modded game in multiplayer and I take no responsibility for anything that results, including but not limited to being banned. Retaliation and Reckoning multiplayer DLCs required.
  • I've gotten a few requests regarding the series of controller UI mods. I have not tried yet but I believe it's possible to update those mods in a
  • way to support ultrawide resolutions. There are certain challenges involved. The biggest one is that the two mods change the same files, so making things compatible would pretty much mean a fork or repackage of one mod including the other. This is not difficult to do but it is time consuming. For the most part I would have to take the controller mod and then go through each GUI component and apply my changes to it. Practically doing my mod again from scratch. I'm trying to get the base game UIs for each game updated first before I look at bigger changes. But I get that this is important to a lot of users. Once I get each game's base UI finished, I'll revisit this topic and see what can be done.


1) Back up your game folder.
2) Drag and drop the mod archive onto ME3 Mod Manager and then apply the MEU3 mod.
3) If you are already using Flawless Widescreen, go to the settings for the Mass Effect 3 plugin. Disable HUD scaling. Set 'FOV Fine adjustment' to 0. Values other than zero may cause weird effects with some UI items. Go to the Settings menu, and open Configuration. Go to Display Detection and uncheck 'Enable Display Detection Override' then save changes. If you're NOT already using Flawless Widescreen, install it, install the Mass Effect 3 plugin, and configure your settings the same as above.
4) If you're using the Origin version of the game, disable Automatic Game updates in your Origin application settings. If Origin automatically updates the game, things may break.
5) Make sure on the in-game settings screen that your resolution is correct.


Restore your backup. You DID back up before installing, right?

Mod Compatibility:
I have not tested compatibility with any other ME3 mods, whether they use a Mod Manager installation or not. This means that any mod with conflicting files (such as EGM or the controller mod) is 100% NOT compatible yet! While the Mod Manager makes the installation process easier, it does not guarantee mods will work together, or fix compatibility issues. Installing mods with conflicting files will at best break features in the respective mods, and at worst, break your game.

Back up your game before installing. If any mods in your Mod Manager list conflict with this one, you will have to choose between them. This is not an issue with Mass Effect Ultrawide. It's an unfortunate reality of modding Mass Effect. I have performed a full playthrough of the game and not experienced any issues with my mod being the only one installed. If your experience is different, there's a good chance a conflicting mod is installed.

ME3 Recalibrated does not seem to modify any of the same base files for the game, and should be compatible.

Mgamerz for the mod tools and tips that make this possible.

Known issues:

Resolved issues:
Original release had some extraneous files and was cumbersome to install. Rebuilt mod archive and created DLC mod with Mod Manager to greatly streamline the process.