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Adds six standalone Cerberus armor sets

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What It Does

Adds six different Cerberus enemy armor sets to the armor locker (four male, two female) all with removable helmets. Also included are separate helmets and helmetless armors. The new sets use vanilla armor set & part stats (see Docs tab for info).
The CAT6 Specialist armor from the Citadel DLC is available as a bonus file done by special request.

Future Updates

  • HR textures, for now they use vanilla textures. I've reached out to smarteck about using his HR retextures
  • Alliance/Spectre-themed textures. If you have texturing experience and want to help with this, let me know

Known Issues/Bugs
  • Some of the armors (especially the bulky ones) clip a lot. But it's honestly no worse than some of the vanilla sets.

Drag and drop
DLC_MOD_CRBSHP into your BIOGame\DLC Folder