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This mod changes the conversation with the catalyst during the the ending of Mass Effect 3 to provide a completely new story for the end of the game.

The catalyst's character is changed to a VI and the entire storyline of this final conversation, including the motives of the reapers and Shepard's choices are changed.

To achieve this, the entire final conversation as well as all the epilogue scenes were revoiced and the model of the catalyst was changed.


The new story is a nod towards the Drew Karpyshyn's dark energy plotline, where the reapers motivation is not to protect organics from synthetics, but rather to prevent a galactic calamity, which is tied to element zero.
Shepard can choose to destroy the reapers at the cost of potentially dooming the galaxy to the coming desaster or to work with the reapers to some extent, to prevent the catastrophe.