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This is a head morph, to be used with Gibbed ME3 Save Editor. Alternatively, you can just use a face code.

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I love my Shepard this time around. I find her appearance to be very pleasing to the eye, and thought I'd share her here!

You will need to import the head morph following these instructions using Gibbed's Mass Effect 3 Save Editor (r90).

Please note that in order to use the head morph file without your game crashing on save load, you must also use the hair mod. You don't have to use the hair I used, but you do have to use one of the ones found in the Hair Mods as DLC mod created by ElysiumFic. The particular hair I'm using is called Foam Summer. Just follow the instructions included in the description of that mod and you'll have the hair.

Note that I am also using texture mods, which are optional and not required for the head morph. If you want your Shepard to look exactly the same, however, I do recommend downloading at least the Character Textures Overhaul mod. I am also using ALOT. Again, texture mods aren't required.

Alternatively, if you aren't wanting to hassle yourself with mods at all, you can simply use the face code (751.91G.114.P19.CH1.1HW.2WD.471.H96.1G7.DG6.371) and either create a new character or edit your femShep via Save Editor.