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Gives Miranda a unique outfit everytime you encounter her. She is running from Cerberus after all.

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Before We Begin
I would like to thank the mod authors who allowed me to use their assets who allowed me to use their assets in this mod. Kitsumi, Andraste’s Sanctified Girdle, and GirlPlaysGames' hard work made this mod possible. I cannot thank them enough for their hardwork. The full credits and permissions will be in the credits and permissions panel.

I'm being hunted by Cerberus assassins. - Miranda Lawson
If I was running from a pan-galactic terrorist organization or wanted by the government of most of humanity, the first thing I would do is change my look. I would not wear the same outfit minus the logo of the organization I'm running from. Unfortunately, Bioware didn't implement this way of thinking when designing Miranda in Mass Effect 3. This mod was made to allieviate this immersion breaking flaw. Miranda now wears a different outfit everytime you see her in a casual setting. Citadel DLC is included and she gets a more unique dress for the casino date as well. She can also change her hair and dye it depending on which version you are using. In addition, this mod also removes the unsuitable butt shots from the second conversation in game. Finally, Miranda's second email has been edited to make more sense with the game's story. Currently, there are 3 versions. The first version uses Miranda's vanilla haircut. The second version gives Miranda new haircuts everytime you see her, but her hair color remains the same. The third version changes Miranda's hair and hair color everytime you see her.

Required Files
This mod requires the Citadel DLC for Miranda to show up in her new clothes for that DLC.
As with all DLC mods, this mod also requires WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch  files to be installed in Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32. Those files are
included as optional files.
Installation should be simple due to the mod being a DLC mod. Just put DLC_Mod_Miri in Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC.
 1) This mod is compatible with JAM. Use the included patches and follow all instructions carefully. Install the patches after ALOT or any other texture mods that modify Miranda.
 2) This mod is slightly incomatible with MEHEM. I will not make a patch simply because I think JAM is better. To make them compatible, remove the MEHEM folder from your game's DLC directory when meeting with Miranda at the Presidium Commons. Also, remove Miranda Redone from your DLC directory, if you romance her, before Priority Earth. Otherwise, the game will crash during the ending.
3) This mod is compatible with EGM's Miranda Mod. If you use the optional camera fixes of that mod, you must delete BioD_CitHub_MirandaT2.pcc from the EGM Miranda Mod folder then autotoc. Otherwise, Miranda will not show up in her new clothes and hairstyle during the second meeting.
4) This mod is incompatible with AVPen's Alternate Miranda. They modify the same content  so they obviously won't work togther. His mod will override mine if both are in the game's DLC folder.
5) This mod is compatible with AVPen's Miranda - Horizon Armor. I reccomend using both to get a completly immersive experience in regards to Miranda's story.
6) This mod is compatible with Citadel Epilouge Mod (CEM)
7) This mod is compatible with Backoff, ME3Recalibrated, and Thanemod)
8) This mod is compatible with Expanded Galaxy Mod.
9) This mod should be compatible with the ME3 Controller mod.
10) Any mod that modifys the same files will be incompatible.
There are some black triangles on the dress of Miranda's necklace during the Citadel DLC casino date. There is nothing I can do about that. Any experienced mesh modder that wants to help me with this problem is welcomed to do so. There is a small seam on Miranda's face during the first meeting. There are also seams on her legs, but this and the face issue are barely noticable. Again, there is nothing I can do about this. Once more, any experienced mesh modder that wants to help me with this problem is welcomed to do so.
The new email will show up only for English versions of the game. It will not work with other localizations and I will most likely never support other languages.
The following people were also essential to the making of this mod. 
  1.  Mgamerz: He is the author of Mod Manager which made making the DLC Mod quick
  2. and easy. This would not have been possible without that program.
  3. Me3 Explorer Team: For making the other tools necessary for making this mod.
  4. Kitsumi, Andraste’s Sanctified Girdle, and GirplaysGames for the use of their assests. Links to their work will be in the credit/permission section.
  5. JohnP for JAM.