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  1. javinho
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    Hello, I really like your mod, but for my tates it significantly reduces the shadow quality of the game in therms of the rendering distance and blurring, I like the blurred and distant shadows. Is there a way to only get rid of the dark tone? In ME2 you can easily fix it by edditing one line of the game files, is it possible to it here? I've tried tweaking it around but no success.
  2. TheSpaceWombat
    • premium
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    It would be really nice to get an explanation as to what settings in the .ini are altering the color profile away from the vanilla "blue" tint. I like the other graphical changes, but I'd like to retain the original colors for immersion between diologue cuts.

    This is a comment I found by someone on the vignette removal mod comment section. Following this and disabling vignette in the Engine.pcc file reverted the original color scheme back for me. 

    "Here's a detailed guide:
    For other people who installed ALOT before this mod - use MEExplorer. First, make a backup of Engine.PCC (trust me, do it.). Then in ME Explorer go to Create Mods -> Package Editor. File - Open - Engine.PCC. Click Exports. Search for "Default__SFXUberPostProcessEffect" (second search textbox). Then in the right pane find BoolProperty -> EnableVignette. Set that to "False". Then File - Save.

    After thtat you may need to use Utilities -> PCC Repacker in ME Explorer to compress the Engine.pcc file, or your game won't launch."
  3. lovefalso
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    I wish i knew earlier that this mod doesn't make everything look better at the cost of your GPU, plus aparently it fixes the faces looking too dark in conversations.
    Anyway, is still funny how FRAPS records 50-60 fps while fighting and recording YET, it looks like 25-35 fps in reality, previously it recorded 25-35 fps, so some sort of "masking" might be happening.
  4. dioxyde0
    • supporter
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    i like most of the edits, however i would like to bring back the blue-ish filter instead of the green one, like in the 1st too screenshots. is this possible? it makes it look a little like fallout 3
  5. art0run
    • member
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    How to disable fog? The command line provided in readme (FogVolumes=True/False) doesn't work.
    1. ArJed
      • premium
      • 21 kudos
      Console command:
      show fog
      (work as: off/on);

      To enable console:
      Clone or download > Download ZIP > Save.
      [open in 7Zip] masseffect-binkw32-master > ME3 > Release > binkw23 and 32.dll extract to: Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32 (overwrite).

      Console keys: [ ` ] (Tilde) - big window; [ Tab ] - small window.
    2. art0run
      • member
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      Yes that work, thanks.

      Do you know how to disable fog only in Javik's room?
    3. ArJed
      • premium
      • 21 kudos
      Interesting question. This is possible, yes, but waaaay more complicated. That smoke/steam in Javic's room is texture - that means it's presence in game level cannot be turned off in .ini config file (thats why command FogVolumes=False not work for any ME3 fog).
      This guide is been written for people who willing to accept this challenge :)

      Three steps required to do this:

      [Find and extract texture]: Smoke/fog effects textures are stored in .pcc files, with ME3 Exporer you can find theese .dds files in:

      ME3 Explorer > Texplorer > (right upper corner) Modding ME3 > search bar (near >> button) > search: smoke and fog > (list below search bar) double click on file in search results > (middle program window area) click on file > (on bottom) Extract > select folder;

      { ! Important note } Make backup of SFXGame.pcc from: Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole
      In ME3 many various effects textures are stored there. If file locaten in SFXGame.pcc, it will be present (used globaly) in all game levels.
      That means if you edit such file, changes you made will be applied for entire game.

      { global texture usage example }
      (logic of the game in this case will be: take one texture and use it everywhere);
      Take a look at main menu in game (load savegame and open menu): do you see floating bubbles on the background?
      This is the smoke effect - Smoke_Fractal and it is located in SFXGame.pcc. Making this texture transparent will remove those floating bubbles from main menu, BUT as the result this will also affect on smoke grenades, used by Cerberus troops: smoke from their grenades will became look like smoke from chemical reaction, i.e. much less saturated.

      { local texture usage example }
      (logic of the game in this case will be: take one specific texture (even if they are similar) and use it in one particular level);
      When you travel to Presidium Commons after Priority: The Citadel II mission, you can notice the smoke dots that coming from the ground - texture of this smoke is: Smoke_Tile
      As you can see in the search results list, this texture is used in many game levels, including Presidium Commons: BioA_CitHub_Persidium_P3.pcc (yes, Persidium, lol).
      Making this texture transparent will remove that smoke, if you installed edited texture for this Presidium level (select only this level (uncheck the others) in TPF Tools > PCC's tab);

      { narrow search results }
      - Javic's room (all environment textures) are stored in: BioA_Nor_405Engineering.pcc
      so if you'll find that .pcc file in PCC's tab list - than that exact texture file you need;
      - Ignore all DLC in search results - Normandy is main game level and all its textures are stored in Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole .pcc files;

      Once you extract texture, make a backup - so you can easily install default texture back after testing.

      [Make it trasparent]
      Tranparent texture won't be displayed in game - they will simply become invisible.
      Also take note that you can make tranparent only semi-tranparent textures (non-mesh) - if the texture is used in level environment decoration or in characters models - it will be displayed in black color.
      Example: curtains in Javic's and Liara's rooms: Fabric_Diff (biot_normandy_int). If you make texture transparent, curtains in both rooms will disappear and round floor part of Javic's room become black.
      Tranparent texture mod example: BloodBeGone for ME2:

      To edit .dds file you have to use programs that support this file type - Gimp, Photoshop, etc.
      To make texture transparent, change Tranparency from 1 to 0.
      > If you want to use programs that not support .dds files but have Tranparency setting (such as ACDSee), convert file:
      ME3 Explorer > Utilities tab > Image Engine > drag & drop .dds file to program's window > Convert >> > choose Save path: - select different folder, not where the original texture located > Format > choose PNG > Save
      (TPF Tools will convert texture back to .dds file format when you'll install it);

      [Install and test it]
      When you'll be installing transparent texture, TPF Tools will display it in black color (that because there will be no RGB colors).

      ME3 Explorer > TPF Tools > (right upper corner) Modding ME3 > drag & drop .dds file to program's window >
      > (on top) Check All > (on bottom) Analyse with Texplorer > (on top) Run Autofix All > (on bottom) Install Valid > Done

      In total: grab the file > make it transparent > install it.

      When you pinpoint texture filename, post it here - that will be nice little game detail to have, I'm sure.
    4. skynetassassin
      • premium
      • 2 kudos
      What exactly do I type to turn off fog
    5. Chupacabra31
      • member
      • 2 kudos
      Console command to turn off fog no longer works for some reason! It worked on my previous playthrough before i uninstalled ME3 game! But after reinstalling and putting binkw23.dll and binkw32.dll files in binaries/win32 folder i got access to the console but the cheat - "show fog" no longer does anything...yes, i'm using ENG keyboard off course (obviously...)
      ...NVM turned out it actually works, just has no effect on certain areas, which i assumed before were "foggy"...
  6. barry13
    • member
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    Is there a solution for a permanent FOV setting? The one that won't reset every restart of the game?
    1. RedxMoonxRose
      • supporter
      • 20 kudos
      A little late, but this might help someone else, there's the FOV mod by paradoxaction
  7. MachoArmaLio
    • member
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    What exactly would I enter in console command to disable fog
  8. Chupacabra31
    • member
    • 2 kudos
    I have a quick question regarding disabling fog! Does it affect anyhow in any shape or form sandstorm during Priority: Mars mission? If i disable fog will it also disable sandstorm on Mars or not? Thanks in advance! I can obviously just check it out on my own by experimenting, but i don't want to ruin the immersion as sandstorm on Mars is a big part of it and thus asking!
    1. jgonzgold
      • supporter
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      solved it! just had to delete all the lines starting with TEXTUREGROUP_ not the whole ini
  9. niggar2002
    • BANNED
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    Hello there. I have some problem.
    1. How i can make shadows a little bit softer?
    2. Some strange things happening with DoF. When i turn it ON, the lighting becomes Vanilla. Any fix on this. Because i love the new lighting but seeing the backgrounds without DoF in ME3 is painful.

    Sry for bad English. Greetings from Motherland.

    Кстати, я вижу ты с Украины, надеюсь на русском я могу писать.
    Я имел ввиду, что я не могу включить DoF, точнее могу, но тогда все эффекты слетают и освещение становится ванильным. Есть какая-нибудь команда консольная или что-то в этом роде. Буду очень благодарен
  10. SpookyPlatypus
    • premium
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    How tf do you install texture mods. I have ME3 Mod Manager and have been downloading DLC mods, but I can never figure out texture mods?
    1. ArJed
      • premium
      • 21 kudos
      A bunch of info: B o o o m.

      Installation ( Valid textures )
      ME3 Explorer > TPF Tools > (right upper corner) Modding ME2 > drag & drop .tpf or .dds file to program's window >
      > (on top) Check All > (on bottom) Analyse with Texplorer > (on top) Run Autofix All > (on bottom) Install Valid > Done

      Fixing ( NOT FOUND IN TREE )
      1) ME3 Explorer > TPF Tools > (right upper corner) Modding ME2 > drag & drop .tpf or .dds file to program's window >
      > (on top) Check All > (on bottom) Analyse with Texplorer > (on top) Run Autofix All > some file(s) NOT FOUND IN TREE;
      > select missing file(s) (and unselect other valid files) > (on bottom) Extract > select folder;
      2) ME3 Explorer > Texplorer > (right upper corner) Modding ME2 > search bar (near >> button) > search: type first several letters of the filename until you narrow the search results > (list below search bar) double click on file with the same name in search results > (middle program window area) click on file > (on bottom) Extract > select folder;
      3) Make sure that you extract correct file:
      ME3 Explorer > Utilities tab > Image Engine > drag & drop both .dds files to program's window one at the time > are they match/similar? > to the step 4, if no, search further.
      4) Copy name of the file that you extract from Texplorer > rename missing file > TPF Tools > drag & drop .dds file to program's window >
      > (on top) Check All > (on bottom) Analyse with Texplorer > (on bottom) Install Valid > Done.
      [ Optional ] Check that texture file installed correctly:
      Texplorer > (on bottom) Regenerate Thumbnail > image changed? > then it's done, congrats!