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Re-textures of four weapons to be Spectre-specific.

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There is now a version of this mod for Mass Effect Legendary Edition! Just head over here to download.

Why are there no Spectre weapons in Mass Effect 3? There's a Spectre terminal and store, we get weapons from Cerberus and outlaws, but nothing whatsoever for Spectres in a a galactic war. The decision to make the Harrier a Cerberus rather than a Spectre weapon bothered me, so here we have this mod.

What does it do? It contains re-textures of four weapons plus text changes. They are the
- Cerberus Harrier
- Black Widow
- M-11 Wraith
- M-77 Paladin

To be clear, these weapons are not new, there are no stats changes, the only changes are to the textures, icons,and text.

The mod is a DLC, so just drop it into your DLC folder (with the necessary and included dll files) and you're good to go!