Squad Weaponry and AI Tweaks - N7 Edition by Shadohz
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Added: 07/06/2017 - 07:54PM
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SWAT makes changes to your squad's weaponry behavior and other AI tweaks to enhance your game play. SWAT/N7 has all the changes of SWAT but with tweaks that makes the game more challenging. 

01. Squadmates will use an entire thermal clip while in cover instead of the default that limits them to 2-4 shot bursts and slower rate of fire (includes custom DLCs). Includes some bug fixes for guns.
02. Maximized planet-scanning radius.
03. Increased combat drone base shield.
04. Increased protection drone duration. 
05. Increased sentry turret base shield.
06. Virtual gun ammo capacity increased to 500 (Geth Server mission)
07. Config file for adding powers to your squadmates (see ReadMe).
08. Increased AF duration.

N7 Exclusives:
09. Increased enemy aggressiveness.
10. Increased enemy damage output for weaponized units.
11. Sentry turret fire burst increased to 75.
12. All original SWAT base shield values increased to be compatible with increased difficulty.
13. Increased protector drone radius by one meter.
14. AF radius increased one meter.Instructions:

If you have Mod Manager installed, drag and drop the ZIP file on it or use the import feature found in "Mod Management/Import Mod/Import mod from..."
If you do NOT have Mod Manager simply open the ZIP file, remove the "DLC_MOD..." folder, and place it in "?:\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC" folder. (Note: You do not need the Moddesc.ini file. That is for Mod Manager compatibility).

Note: Version 1.10 includes change that will allow adding powers to squadmates (or any other commands) to a file called "SWATPowerConfig.txt". Read the README.txt file for instructions on use.