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The Cheater's Pad is a collective of cheats to assist or expedite your Mass Effect 3 playthrough. Everything you will need are placed on your Number Key pad.
  • NumKey 0 - God mode toggle
  • NumKey 1 - Give all weapon mods and level to 5. Give all weapons and level to 1.
  • NumKey 2 - Unlock all bonus powers
  • NumKey 3 - Get all Galaxy At War planet scanning assets & non-essential side mission assets
  • NumKey 4 - Full Paragon
  • NumKey 5 - Full Renegade
  • NumKey 6 - Additional Talent Points (16)
  • NumKey 7 - Power level character
  • NumKey 8 - Sets credits to 1,000,000 and refills ammunition
  • NumKey 9 -¬†Give all armor, give all cabin items, and give all Intel assets

Non-essential side-missions still require you to interact with quest givers in-game. Not all side-missions included but will be added in as discovered. Currently included quests:
Omega DLC Hacker and Mechanic missions, Citadel: Bennings, Eden Prime support, Blackmarket Artifact

If you have Mod Manager installed, drag and drop the ZIP file on it or use the import feature found in "Mod Management/Import Mod/Import mod from..."
If you do NOT have Mod Manager simply open the ZIP file, remove the "DLC_MOD..." folder, and place it in "?:\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC" folder. (Note: You do not need the Moddesc.ini file. That is for Mod Manager compatibility).