Cutscene Avenger to M7 Lancer replacement by Eleonora0
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Added: 12/03/2017 - 01:01AM
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Cutscene Avenger to M7 Lancer replacement

Version 1.1 has been made to fix the occasional infinite loading screen bug.


This is a simple texture edit for the Avenger assault rifle as used in several (if not most) ME3 cutscenes as an unfortunate replacement for Shepard's own weapons. Since I'm a fan of the good old M7 Lancer, and replacing the textures was easy since both weapons use the same model, I slapped together this mod to at least decrease my annoyance at the "default cutscene weapon" a bit.

Though this mod focuses on the cutscene Avenger, it also replaces the textures of the normal, usable Avenger weapon as well. Therefore, lore-wise, it is best to start using this mod when you've acquired the Lancer and/or aren't using the Avenger anymore. (Unless, of course, you're a big fan of the Lancer and would rather see it used everywhere instead of the Avenger)

Since this is just a basic texture replacement, and not a real weapon swap, the Lancer doesn't seem to have the extra shiny reflection to it like the original one. At the moment I'm not working on fixing this lack of shine, but if someone else would like to try they're free to do so.

This replacement uses the Lancer textures from the Citadel DLC (which are also a bit more hi-res than the default Avenger), but having the DLC is not required.

It's a simple .tpf file. Load it through Texmod or install it into your texture tree through ME3Explorer's TPF Tools.

Conflicts with other mods that edit the Avenger textures.
I've had no problems with EGM and ALOT, as long as this mod is installed after those ones.