Miranda ME2Boobs by RubyDorje - Ottemis
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Added: 11/03/2017 - 03:43AM
Updated: 02/06/2017 - 01:44PM

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Last updated at 13:44, 2 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 3:43, 11 Mar 2017

Updated Mesh:

This mod gives Miranda Her Real ME2 Boobs. 

Finally I had the time and so managed to fix up the 3dsMax Mesh File as Ottemis was doing it last time. It is as good as it can be with my 3dsMax skills.
Now there is only one DLC version, but will make a somewhat alternate texture file next week or so.

I also included TPF texture install files, just in case, because if You feel like you could just copy&paste the .pcc files back into their original location and install the textures over them.

I could not have released this mod without the great help and immeasurable kindness of OTTEMIS as I've run into 'bones' conflict.
She is really wonderful and did a great job on a very short notice.
Unfortunately She could not use my 3dsMax files and so had to use the Fbx, thus the mesh lost lot of its quality due to this.

Sorry again, there was no really time to make it better as I'm off for two weeks till 23rd.

Anyhow I'm hoping you will focus on Her Boobs (aka Bikini by Ottemis) and can enjoy using this mod.

Best Of All to You All and Enjoy playing ME Andromeda as well.