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A mod that changes the number of enemies you face during Mass Effect 3 to create a more difficult experience.

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In light of mods such as Expanded Galaxy Mod and the Bonus Power Packs, the aim of this module is to make Mass Effect 3 a more difficult game to play through and to attempt to make each of the three enemy factions feel a little different. These changes end up forcing a player to be more tactical in battle as your resources are more limited and your enemies more numerous and  dangerous.

All the missions have been tested by myself using one of the worst weapons in the game and I managed to complete each mission on Hardcore. Though some missions are more difficult than others, on the whole the game is a lot more difficult than it once was. As such, I would recommend using an imported save from Mass Effect 2, as well as mods such as Expanded Galaxy Mod and the Bonus Power Packs to even the odds a bit and to provide a better experience for both shooting, biotics and story.

As a warning, I should note that you may need to decrease your difficulty level if you find it too difficult, but you will likely adjust to fighting more enemies and can later change back to your usual difficulty at any time. As I've mentioned, this has been tested but there are always chances that I have missed problems. If anyone spots a problem, please let me know exactly when and where it happened in the mission, if you are specific I can attempt to amend the problem.

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Following on from v1.0 all future updates will be expanding the missions to have the enemies you face change based on decisions you have made throughout the trilogy. This is to provide more visible changes for a player based on what they decided to do previously, and will create a more unique experience on each new campaign. Below are details on each mission that has been updated so far:

N7: Cerberus Labs


Priority: Palaven


Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation


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