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Additional maps and armors unlocked for the new squadmates in Expanded Galaxy Mod.

Permissions and credits

-- 8 new missions (in addition to the default 6) unlocked and optimized for using the new squadmates --
-- Additional armor variations for Grunt (x2), Kasumi, Zaeed, Jacob, Samara and Jack --
-- All new armor for Tali (in addition to existing ones) --
-- New casuals for EDI, Garrus and Tali x2 --


This pack contains new outfits for the new squadmates and the following additional maps that have been unlocked to use them:

Attican Traverse: Krogan Team 

Technical Notes:  Grunt cannot be taken on this mission.

Priority: Cerberus Headquarters

Priority: Earth (Hades Cannon portion only)

Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists

Technical Notes: this contains an "explore" portion.  The additional squadmates (with the exception of Wrex) will go off and do guard duty and won't follow you around as you talk to Jacob and the scientists, they will rejoin once you head into combat again.

Mesana: Ardak-Yashi Monastery

Technical Notes: There are a lot of small squadmate led dialogues in this mission.  We advise that you take a maximum of one new squadmate.

Tuchanka: Turian Platoon

Tuchanka: Bomb

Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation

Note a new squad member will take priority over James to break the students shield.   Otherwise the vanilla squadmate will have priority.

N7 Mission notes (included by default in EGM)

N7: Cerberus Labs

N7: Cerberus Abductions

N7: Communication Hub

N7: Fuel Reactors
Technical Notes:  Only vanilla squadmates can be sent to help the other soldiers.

N7: Cerberus Fighter Base

How to use:  

1. Install EGM first.  
2. Download and install the exe.
3. Choose which mode to show the squadmates (story/non-story) via the EGM_Settings.txt.
4. Select which squadmates are on standby from the Crew Manifest
5. Launch the mission as per normal.

Note: there is no dialogue from the new squadmates, unless you order them around.As such we advise taking one vanilla squadmate to say default lines.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Which squadmates are available?
Wrex, Jack, Miranda, Jacob, Grunt, Samara, Kasumi and Zaeed.All require the Citadel DLC.In addition Aria T'Loak is available if you have the Omega DLC.

How can I make them appear?
They are only available for missions launched from the Normandy (not DLC). You need to go to the crew manifest and enter the "View Non-Crew Squadmates". This will show which (if any) are available and you can put up to 2 on standby. This means they are ready to join you directly on a mission.

There are two modes: story and non-story.You can switch between these modes using the mod settings.

In story mode (default) squadmates are available if they are on the Normandy (e.g. Wrex during the Genophage campaign or when Jack visits) or if you have completed their personal storyline.

Wrex: available between Surkesh and Tuchanka when he is on the Normandy.
Jack: when she visits the Normandy (up to 2 missions after Grissom if you haven't dropped her off) or once spoken to in Purgatory.
Miranda: Post horizon when she is on the Normandy (requires Miranda Mod add on).
Jacob:Post Gellix and speaking in Huerta.
Samara: Post saving on Mesana and speaking on the embassy.
Grunt:If he survives the Rachni mission and you get rid of the C-SEC that interrupt his celebrations when he leaves.
Kasumi: Post recruiting during the Hanar diplomat mission.
Zaeed:Post recruiting during the Volus plot, you must speak to him afterwards.
Aria: Once Omega is completed, and if you were very loyal to her.

In non-story mode all are available to pick as you want, with the only stipulation that they are alive/around in ME3.

Squadmate(s) appear blacked out
Extra squadmates are only available if the map you are launching has been unlocked. In addition squadmates cannot be taken on missions in which they appear (eg you can't take Grunt on the Rachni mission). For story reasons Wrex cannot be taken on the Tuchanka: Rescue or Tuchanka: Bomb missions.

Which maps can I take them on?
The six N7 missions are unlocked by default. Extra maps are available via this pack. More will be unlocked in future.

The squadmates don't speak
There is no mission dialogue for the extra squadmates, for this reason we recommend to take one vanilla squadmate to say the default lines. If you want a squadmate to maximise their dialogue (say Garrus) then mix him with a new squadmate and he will always get priority. If you take two of the new ones everything should work, but squadmate lines will be skipped.

Does using this mod change dialogue or other gameplay when using only vanilla squadmates?
No, if you take 2 vanilla squadmates the mission will play identically to normal.  Mission conversations normally run like this:

A: Shepard line.
B: Squadmate line by priority : Garrus > Liara > Ashley > Kaidan > Tali > Javik > Vega
C: Shepard line.
D: Squadmate line by priority : Vega > Javik > Tali > Kaidan > Ashley > Liara > Garrus
E: Shepard line.

If you take vanilla squadmates e.g. Garrus & Tali then Garrus will say line B and Tali line D.   If you take Garrus and Wrex then Garrus will say both line B and line D.   If you take Miranda and Wrex both B and D will be skipped but all Shepard's lines will run normally, except where we judge it doesn't make sense (for example Shepard asking a direct question).

New squadmates AI is overly aggressive.
Their AI is designed for the Armax Arena. Especially for the Krogan it takes some skill to manage them.

How can I edit their abilities outside of a mission?
Using your personal terminal you can select and edit their abilities (as with all your squadmates). You can also reset in the Medbay. They will always default to a minimum 3 points in each skill tree.

How can I change their armors?
With the squadmate set as available go to the squad selection screen (can be accessed via your personal terminal) and click "Cycle Appearances".