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An update of the original "Ashley Battlepack" that contains:
- A set of helmet-enabled, battle ready hard-suits for Ashley Williams that replaces the armour used for combat (Ashley_00, Ashley_01, Ashley_02, Ashley_03)
- Universal marksman patch for ALL of Ashley's combat instances
- Now includes optional casual outfit, for use in non

Permissions and credits
"I wear armour into battle, not swimwear" - Ashley Williams

Variants packaged in Main File Download

  • "w Legacy Edition": Version of the Warpack that utilize the face and hair assets from ELE08's Ashley Legacy mod
  • "W Combat Bun": Version of the Warpack that utilizes the Ashley's combat bun (from ME2) and vanilla face
  • "w Default Hair": Version of the Warpack that utilizes the default hair and face assets

The Ashley Warpack is a set of helmet-enabled, battle ready hard-suits for Ashley Williams that replaces the default 'catsuits' used for combat, and now includes a more practical casual outfit for her off-duty activities:

  • Griffon Armour (Ashley 00, +25% Weapon Damage): Say goodbye to impractical dress-suits, Ashley now dons a customized armour-suit, dubbed the 'Griffon' armour. Assembled from components from armouries across the galaxy, this armour is perfect for when Ashley finds herself in a firefight
  • Ajax Armour (Ashley 01, +25% Weapon Damage): Rumored to have been derived from captured Cerberus equipment, Ashley's dons a modified version of the Ajax combat suit which boosts her firepower
  • Terminus Assault Armour (Ashley 02, +25% Shield Strength): Ashley dons the Terminus Assault, an environmentally sealed armour with an independent air supply for use in space and extreme planetary conditions, perfectly suited for the diverse environments demanded by the Reaper War            
  • Heavy Spectre Armour (Ashley 03, +25% Power Recharge Bonus): Forged by the Hahne-Kedhar Shadow Work's best engineers, this armour proves that humanity takes the responsibility of having a Spectre very seriously.
  • Universal marksman patch for ALL of Ashley's combat instances
  • Casual outfit: Bellying the Alliance Navy's Recon Pathfinder corps, Ashley dons a stylish, yet utilitarian outfit that lets her blend into her surroundings

Install Instructions:
ME3MM Installation
1. You can drag and drop this file on Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager to import it,

2. Select the variant you want, via ME3MM and choose to apply it.

Manual Installation

1. Copy from the "DLC_CON_AshWar" folder, from your chosen variant folder, to inside the "...BIOGame\DLC" folder

2. If you haven't yet, download a copy of WarrantyVoider's DLLs, from this mod's Nexus Page, to the "...Binaries\Win32" folder

3. You may need to update your TOCs, via me3explorer's TOC suite or ME3MM's TOC module.

4. Enjoy!

1. Does this mod supersede other Ashley combat mods?
Yes. That being said, it is compatible with most of the Ashley mods out there (i.e. it won't cause the game to stall or crash)

2. Does this mod affect Ashley's non-combat situations (i.e. On the Normandy, Citadel-hospital, dating scenes, etc.)
. Don't worry, if you made/utilized any modifications to these files, they will remain.

3. I installed this mod, but now the game takes forever to start-up
Update your TOC, via Me3explorer's or ME Modder's TOC suite.

4. Do I need additional files, in order to use this game?
Yes, you'll need Warranty Voider's modified DLLs. Don't worry these are available from this Nexus page, or are pre-installed with ME3MM.

5. What if I don't want to use the casual outfit?
Its quite simple - all you need to do is delete the following PCCs:
- BioD_Cat003_780FinalConvos
- BioD_CitHub_Hospital_AshT1
- BioD_CitHub_HospitalP2
- BioH_Ashley_00_NC
Don't forget to run update your TOC

6. Does the Legacy Edition replace the Ashley Legacy's casual outfits?
No, it does not affect the non-combat instances for the Legacy edition