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Scales up the interface for use on high resolution displays and TVs. Makes ME3 on 4K a pleasure to use again.

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by Mgamerz (Owner of

This mod scales up PC platform-specific HUD elements, such as the PC Power Wheel (Command HUD), atlas, subtitles, main HUD, MP HUD, and others. This mod will make the game much easier to use on high resolution displays (such as 4K) and on displays at a distance (like a TV). It scales up interfaces to the size they were on consoles, which is natively set to 720p. A few adjustments are made to make them more PC friendly.

This mod works with both singleplayer and multiplayer.
It is not compatible with the ANY Controller Support mod.
SP Controller Support already scales, and the MP Controller Support mod has a scaling version available.

You need retaliation DLC to scale up the reticle and fix the collector’s swarm overlay in MP. 
If you don’t play multiplayer or have retaliation DLC installed, you can ignore the message Mod Manager will show when installing the mod. This mod is the equivalent of the UI scaling done in Singleplayer Native Controller Support, except done for PC interfaces.

This mod does not scale up all interfaces. Platform-agnostic UI elements such as progress bars, timers and counters are not scaled up. These items are scaled up by the Interface Scaling Add-On mod, which you should additionally install with this mod. This add-on mod is separate because it can be shared with the Singleplayer Controller Support mod. This is an optional add-on but will greatly improve your high-res Mass Effect 3 experience.

See the difference! These are images of the game at 3200x1800.

Stock ME3 (Click here for full size):

This mod (+Interface Scaling Add-On) (Click here for full size)

Drag and drop this mod’s download onto Mod Manager to import it into Mod Manager.
Install the same way as any other Mod Manager mod. This mod cannot be installed after texture mods.

Uninstall this mod by restoring BASEGAME, TESTPATCH,
RETALIATION, and removing the DLC_CON_UIScaling Custom DLC.

If you haven’t used Mod Manager before:

This is a CRITICAL step if you are using other mods such as Expanded Galaxy Mod.
You will need to create a compatibility mod so that files from those mods work with the scaled interfaces.
If you skip this step, those mods may not work, and the game in some instances will crash.

In Mod Manager, go to Mod Management > Custom DLC Conflict Detector, and wait for the scan to complete.
At the bottom, if it says there are conflicts, click the button and follow the prompts. Apply the generated mod.

If this mod updates, or you install updates to other mods, you need to update the compatibility mod.
Remove the existing compatibility mod by deleting it in the Restore > Custom Restore window.
Run this step again to generate a new one.

Mod Developers: The compatibility generator will take interface files for this mod 
and inject them into the second highest priority files that conflict with this one at a lower priority. 
It then promotes those modified files to a mod with mount priority 31050. Do not try to build or distribute compatibilty packs against this mod.

You may get issues mixing mods. This mod installs files that can’t be placed into a custom dlc.
Go to Tools > Run Game-Wide AutoTOC to fix issues that can be caused by mixing mods.
Note this only fixes invalid file sizes, and not issues with mods themselves.

The ALOT texture mod pack is a common addition to this mod. ALOT should be installed after all other mods are installed as it will update installed mods with new textures. Installing updates to any mods (both mod manager and non-mod manager) will require you to reinstall ALOT.

You can optionally disable the Interface Scaling Mod branding on the splash/main menu by
performing the following:

This mod is connected to the ME3Tweaks mod updater service. Mod Manager will notify you of updates to this mod and prompt you to download and update the mod as new updates are released. Install the mod afterwards to use the new update.

If you're having an issue, make sure you submit a Mod Manager diagnostics log.