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Urz on the Normandy (UOTN) is a small, simple mod for Mass Effect 3 that replaces KEI-9 with Urz from ME2 in a lore-friendly way. The original idea for UOTN came from ELE08/UserDomainError's Varren on the Normandy, which despite it's obvious awesomeness, has some drawbacks with technical implementation and immersion.

UOTN rectifies some of these issues with all new game assets by doing the following:

  • Edit the email to create a plausible way for Urz to be on the Normandy
  • Create plot continuity by linking the email & Urz's presence to feeding him in Mass Effect 2
  • Fix Urz's eye texture to match his original, as much as possible
  • Edit his specular map for compatibility
  • Remove all crust/lighting effects
  • Remove the blue scanning beam while ensuring the texture remains available to the game
  • Change the KEI-9 POI to "Urz - Talk"
  • Remove Shepard's "Bolto" comment, and the subsequent mechanical bark
  • Edit Ken and Gabby's conversation so it fits properly for Urz

Installation, Usage, and Compatibility
UOTN should not require the ME3 Collector's Edition, though this is untested. What it does depend on is feeding Urz in ME2, as this is the only way the mod makes sense.

Consult the download for information on installation and compatibility. UOTN is a small mod and will be compatible with the majority of other mods out there. EGM compatibility is built into UOTN. Be sure you're using the most recent version of EGM.

At the time of UOTN's initial release, ME3Explorer v2.0 is the most recent stable version of the toolset. All users of UOTN should update their copy of the toolset to this version. When future stables are released, users should update to the most recent stable.

Urz on the Normandy is brought to you by giftfish.

Much appreciation to:

  • ELE08, for allowing me to expand on the original idea.
  • Kinkojiro, for help with a few technical details and EGM compatibility.
  • Warrantyvoider/Heff, for the DLC Patcher
  • ME3Explorer Toolset team and community, for making the best modding tool for Mass Effect.

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