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A small mod that replaces KEI-9 with Urz from Mass Effect 2, in a lore-friendly way.

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20 Feb 2021 | Comments Locked, see Sticky Post for Details
17 Nov 2019 | New article on Users Tampering with DLC Mod Files

Urz on the Normandy (UOTN) is a small, simple mod for Mass Effect 3  that replaces KEI-9 with Urz from ME2 in a lore-friendly way. The original idea for UOTN came from ELE08/UserDomainError's Varren on the Normandy, which despite its obvious awesomeness, has some drawbacks with technical implementation and immersion.

UOTN 2.0 rebuilds the mod entirely from the ground up, rectifying all lingering issues from 1.0 and adding brand new functionality:

  • Urz now uses an original, unmodified varren mesh, which fixes all previous issues with appearance and animation
  • The timing for Joker's email -- and therefore Urz's availability -- has changed; the email will arrive later and require fully exploring the Citadel
  • Urz's vocalizations from ME2 have been imported; one of Shepard's voice lines has also been imported
  • Shepard's interactions with Urz have been re-implemented and now feel significantly more dynamic
  • UOTN 2.0 may be installed into an existing playthrough, as long as the mod has never been installed

Veteran users of my mods know that I include ample documentation in every download. This documentation will answer 99% of user questions, as long as you read it. Be aware that reading this description is not a substitute for reading the supplied documentation. Key requirements are listed below to help you decide if you want to download the mod:

  • Urz in ME2.  UOTN requires that you’ve fed Urz in ME2 to function. Without meeting this condition you will not be able to access Urz (or KEI-9). The ME3 Collector's Edition is not required for the mod to work, as KEI-9 is a part of the base game.
  • English.  UOTN is made for English localizations, only. If you have another localization, I cannot guarantee functionality, nor can I provide technical support. Do not ask. Instead, read here more information on my mods and localizations.
  • DLL Patcher.  UOTN requires use of a DLL Patcher so ME3 can load new DLC. If you have DLC mods installed, then you already have this patcher. If not, then it must be downloaded and installed, separately. See the Install Guide for details.

See the Install Guide in your download for further instructions.

To uninstall UOTN, just delete the entire DLC_MOD_URZ folder from your ME2 DLC directory. Do not uninstall UOTN mid-playthrough.

UOTN is a small mod that is compatible with the majority of other mods for ME3. A couple of quick comments:

  • For users of my other mods, Urz requires no additional compatibility patches.
  • UOTN is compatible with Expanded Galaxy Mod (EGM), but folks need to make sure they are using the most recent versions of both mods. EGM mechanics allow both Urz or KEI-9 to be used in the playthrough; see EGM’s documentation for details.
  • Translations of UOTN, when available, are created by other modders, downloaded separately, and are used on top of UOTN's main files. If a translation exists for your game's localization, it will be linked at the top of this page. If it does not exist, you cannot use the mod.

For more information on my mods and compatibility, read this article on my website and take a look at the sticky posts here on Nexus. A compatibility spreadsheet for all my mods can be found here. Modders interested in creating compatibility patches or translations for my mods should refer to this page.

Bugs. No bugs are known at this time. If you run into any problems, first read the sticky posts, then use the information provided here before reporting.

Future Releases. None are planned at this time, short of compatibility maintenance.

Post-Distribution File Modifications. Technical support is provided ONLY when files have not been tampered with by the user. Any and all modifications apply (with the exception of updating the PCConsoleTOC.bin). This includes ill-advised attempts to modify "load order," resolve compatibility, and more. It also includes installation of textures with a tool other than ME3Explorer. If you experience any problems after altering my files, it's up to you to troubleshoot the problem. I cannot help.

Texture Compilations. Texture overhauls/compilations installed into your DLC mods must contain ONLY textures. No edits to meshes, materials, or anything else. Non-texture modifications can cause conflicts.

ALOT/MEM Users. It is imperative to heed all warnings below when using ALOT/MEM in combination with DLC mods.
  • Do not mix texture installation tools. If you want to install additional textures after installing ALOT, consult ALOT's documentation. I cannot help.
  • Heed ALOT's documentation. You cannot install any DLC mods or individual files into a game already modded by ALOT. Doing so will result in problems. Consider your game files locked once you install ALOT. Consult ALOT's documentation for further details.
  • Other options. If you desire more flexibility with your game, such as the freedom to revert one or small groups of files to vanilla state, to update/patch your DLC mods as needed, or to re-install to a fresh copy of a DLC mod, then don't use ALOT/MEM. Your other options are to install textures via ME3Explorer or run them with Texmod. There are online resources to help with both; I cannot help further.

By downloading UOTN, you agree to the Terms of Use supplied in your download and posted on Nexus.

Urz on the Normandy is brought to you by Giftfish.

Much appreciation to:

  • Barddoc1992, for Leviathan DLC testing
  • ELE08/UDE, for the original concept of placing a Varren on the Normandy and letting me run a bit further with the idea
  • Kinkojiro, for troubleshooting and EGM compatibility
  • ME3Explorer team and community, for making the best modding tool for Mass Effect
  • ThaneMOD forum community, for feedback and ideas

I've been modding the Mass Effect trilogy since 2013, when I joined the ME3Explorer Toolset Community in an effort to create what became my first mod: ThaneMOD. Users of all my mods are welcome to join my development forum on Proboards. For more information about myself, mods, policies, and more, see my website.

Currently in development - ThaneMOD 3

Other contributions:

This mod is not associated with or endorsed by BioWare Corp., Electronic Arts, Inc., or any of their affiliates. I make no money from this project.