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ME3Recalibrated (ME3Re) is a series of bug fixes, content restorations, and lore corrections for Mass Effect 3.

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17 Nov 2019 -- New Article on Users Tamping with DLC Mod FIles
02 Jan 2019 -- Check out ME1Recalibrated by Kinkojiro
13 May 2018 -- Try Better Cabin Music v2.0 by Giftfish

Now, believe it or not, this damn gun still needs calibrating.  --Garrus Vakarian

Yes, yes it does, Garrus. ...And, it's not just the gun.

ME3Recalibrated (ME3Re) is a series of bug fixes, content restorations, and lore corrections for Mass Effect 3, with edits in the spirit of the "unofficial patches" for TES games.

ME3Re is a group project with contributions by several mod authors. Version 2.0 doubles the size of the mod and includes the following new content:

  • Echo Shard VFX fix (Kinkojiro)
  • NPC redux for Commander Bailey (giftfish, Ottemis)
  • Restored Zaeed Conversation (SirCxyrtyx)
  • Garrus on the Bridge fix (Kinkojiro)
  • Hackett about Kahje fix (giftfish)
  • Joker teeth fix (AVPen)
  • Kirrahe/STG GAW fix (Kinkojiro)
  • Horsehead Nebula and Kahje Lore fixes (giftfish)
  • Citadel:Hanar Diplomat quest fixes (giftfish)
  • Accurate C-Sec uniforms (giftfish)
  • Bugfix for missing audio in the new prologue escape (giftfish)
  • Coup standoff scene improvements and fixes (giftfish)
  • Weapon remove during coup arrival (giftfish)

See the changelog for content in earlier versions of ME3Re.

The documentation contained in each release of ME3Re will answer 99% of user questions, as long as you read it. Be aware that reading this description is not a substitute for reading the supplied documentation. Key requirements are listed below to help you decide if you want to download the mod.

  • New playthrough (import or not). ME3Re should be installed before starting a new playthrough, as it begins altering the game as soon as Prologue: Earth/Mars.
  • Modularity. Thus far, ME3Re is quite modular. Individual edits can be safely removed by deleting certain files from the mod. When this situation changes, we'll let you know.
  • English Localization. ME3Re is made for English localizations, only. It *will not* work for other localizations. If you attempt to use it anyway, we will not answer questions, nor provide technical support. More information about localizations can be found here.
  • DLC Patcher. A DLL Patcher is included in the current release of ME3Re, and allows ME3 to load new DLC mods. Many users will already have this type of patcher installed; it does not need to be installed again.

ME3Re is a DLC mod, which makes installation is simple. Instructions are provided in the download and are viewable on Google Docs. Users of ME3Re are expected to learn basic features of the ME3Explorer toolset for functions like autotocing. For help with ME3Explorer, see its wiki.

A couple of quick comments in relation to compatibility and translations:

  • ME3Re is compatible with any mod that doesn't change the same files. Other DLC mods may override ME3Re if they have higher "mount priority". We've set ME3Re's low on purpose so it will override all BW files, but be overridden by most, if not all, other mods. This is intentional, but be aware that when this happens, it means you are not seeing ME3Re's changes in your playthrough: you are seeing another mod's.
  • ME3Re has grown significantly in size since its original release. It remains modular, but there are now numerous mods that will conflict and override ME3Re. Since ME3Re is a patchwork of small fixes, this is alright. Generally, patches are not available, but there are a couple of exceptions to this with Giftfish's mods. For more information about compatibility, see this Google Sheet.
  • Translations of ME3Re, when available, are created by other modders, downloaded separately, and are used on top of ME3Re's main files. If a translation exists for your game's localization, it will be linked at the top of this page. If it does not exist, you cannot use the mod.

Modders interested in creating patches or translations for ME3Re should refer to the ThaneMOD website; further questions should be directed to Giftfish.

Bugs. Zaeed's dialogue restoration may need another look, but no other bugs are known at this time. If you run into any problems, use the information provided here before reporting.

Future Releases. Updates to ME3Recalibrated are ongoing, but are mostly at the mercy of Giftfish's schedule. Another update is not planned until the release of ThaneMOD 3.0. ME3Re will receive a large overhaul at this point, in an attempt to reduce the amount of overlap between it, BO, and TM3. More information on this will eventually be announced on the ThaneMOD website. As usual, feel free to post ideas and information about in-game bugs. We keep a running list of suggestions.

Post-Distribution File Modifications. Technical support will only be provided when files have not been tampered with by the user. Any and all modifications apply (with the exception of updating the PCConsoleTOC.bin). This includes ill-advised attempts to modify "load order", resolve compatibility, and more. It also includes installation of textures with a tool other than ME3Explorer. If you experience any problems after altering our files, it's up to you to troubleshoot the problem. We cannot help.

Texture Compilations. Texture overhauls/compilations installed into your DLC mods, must ensure they contain ONLY textures. No edits to meshes, materials, or anything else. Non-texture modifications can cause conflicts.

ALOT/MEM Users. It is imperative to heed all warnings below when using ALOT/MEM in combination with DLC mods.
  • Do not mix texture installation tools. If you want to install additional textures after installing ALOT, consult its documentation. I cannot help.
  • Heed ALOT's documentation. You cannot install any DLC mods or individual files into a game already modded by ALOT. Doing so will result in problems. Consider your game files locked once you install ALOT. Consult ALOT's documentation for further details.
  • Other options. If you desire more flexibility with your game, such as the freedom to revert one or small groups of files to vanilla state, to update/patch your DLC mods as needed, or to re-install to a fresh copy of a DLC mod, then don't use ALOT/MEM. Your other options are to install textures via ME3Explorer or run them with Texmod. There are online resources to help with both; I cannot help further.

By downloading ME3Recalibrated, you agree to the Terms of Use supplied in your download and posted on Nexus.

ME3Re is brought to you by The ME3Recalibrated Team:

  • Giftfish (lead developer)
  • AVPen
  • JohnP
  • Kinkojiro
  • Ottemis
  • SirCxyrtyx

ME3 DLL DLC Patcher by Warrantyvoider and Heff. Thanks to the ME3Explorer Toolset team for all their time and hard work developing modding tools for Mass Effect.

This mod is not associated with or endorsed by BioWare Corp., Electronic Arts, Inc., or any of their affiliates. We make no money from this project.