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17 Dec 2016 -- ME3Re v2.0 released, please see the stickied announcement on the "Posts" tab!

Now, believe it or not, this damn gun still needs calibrating.  --Garrus Vakarian

Yes, yes it does, Garrus. ...And, it's not just the gun.

ME3Recalibrated (ME3Re) is a series of bug fixes, content restorations, and lore corrections for Mass Effect 3. Edits are in the spirit of the "unofficial patches" for TES games, and efforts will be made to retain compatibility with other mods. For this reason, ME3Re will never modify LI-specific dialogue (BackOff), content related to Thane (ThaneMOD), the galaxy map (EGM), and late end game/epilogue files (edited by various ending mods).

ME3Re is a group project with contributions by several mod authors. Version 2.0 doubles the size of the mod and includes the following new content:

  • Echo Shard VFX fix (Kinkojiro)
  • NPC redux for Commander Bailey (giftfish)
  • Restored Zaeed Conversation (SirCxyrtyx)
  • Garrus on the Bridge fix (Kinkojiro)
  • Hackett on Kahje fix (giftfish)
  • Joker teeth fix (AVPen)
  • Kirrahe/STG GAW fix (Kinkojiro)
  • Horsehead Nebula and Kahje Lore fixes (giftfish)
  • Citadel:Hanar Diplomat quest fixes (giftfish)
  • Accurate C-Sec uniforms (giftfish)
  • Bugfix for missing audio in the new prologue escape (giftfish)
  • Coup standoff scene improvements and fixes (giftfish)
  • Weapon remove during coup arrival (giftfish)

See the changelog for content added in earlier versions of ME3Re.

ME3Re is a DLC mod, so installation is simple. Instructions are provided in the download and are viewable on Google Docs. ME3Re is available for English localization, only.

ME3Re is compatible with any mod that doesn't change the same file. Other DLC mods may override ME3Re if they have higher "mount priority". We've set ME3Re's low on purpose so it will override all BW files, but be overridden by most, if not all, other mods.

Thus far, ME3Re is quite modular. Individual edits can be safely removed by deleting certain files from the mod. For information about which files contain the edits you're looking for, see the ME3Recalibrated Resource Spreadsheet.

Installation of ME3Re may require the ME3Explorer toolset. For help with ME3Explorer, see its new wiki.

Thanksto the ME3Explorer Toolset team for all their hard work and time developing modding tools for Mass Effect! ME3Re is brought to you by:

  • AVPen
  • Giftfish/n7Siha/moho25
  • JohnP
  • Kinkojiro
  • Ottemis
  • SirCxyrtyx

ME3Recalibrated is not associated with BioWare, Arthmoor, or the USKP in any way. We make no money from this project. You use this mod at your own risk; we are not responsible for any damage to your game or PC by use of this mod.

*****ME3Recalibrated is hosted only on Nexusmods. If you've downloaded this file from elsewhere, it was uploaded without our permission and we cannot vouch for its integrity (or safety).*****