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Support for controllers in singleplayer with native controller UIs and scaling for TV/4K

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by Mgamerz (Owner of

Singleplayer Native Controller Supports swaps the keyboard and mouse controls of Mass Effect 3 for a controller.
It switches UIs to their Xbox equivalents and swaps the PC Command HUD with the Xbox Power Wheel.

This provides a native experience far superior to the old hackjobs of XPadder.

NOTE FOR STEAM ME3 USERS: Make sure the controller configuration is set to 'Gamepad', or
it will not send XInput commands to the game, and the controller will not work.

Xbox 360/Xbox One Controller Users

Your controller should automatically install a driver when plugged into Windows 7 or higher.
These controllers work best as they are natively supported.

Dualshock Controller Users
You need to install a driver, as well as an program (Like SCP Server or DS4Windows) and convert your inputs to XInput.

Stream Controller Users
You need to have your controller in XInput mode for this to work. 

Other Controller Users
Your controller must be able to send inputs as XInput, or Unreal Engine 3 won't recognize them.

Multiplayer in the main menu is removed while this mod is installed.
This is because Multiplayer does not work with this mod due to the power wheel causing
replication errors that make you unable to replicate variables to other players.

To play Multiplayer with a controller, you uninstall this mod (see Installation Instructions).
Then install the Multiplayer Native Controller Support mod.

If you attempt to install both mods at the same time, your game will break. Switching is very easy with Mod Manager.

The ALOT texture mod is a common addition to this mod.
ALOT should be installed after all other mods are installed as it will update installed mod's files with new textures.
Installing updates to mods (both mod manager and non-mod manager) will require you to reinstall ALOT.
You may consider ignoring updates unless you find a game-breaking one in this mod.

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager will autoconfigure what files will install when this mod loads in Mod Manager.
It should be installed as the final DLC mod because Mod Manager will detect some known incompatibilities.

Drag and drop this mod’s 7z download onto Mod Manager to import it into Mod Manager.
Install the same way as any other Mod Manager mod.

Uninstall this mod by performing the following:

1. Open the Installation Information panel by clicking 'Manage Target' on the main window.
2. Remove the DLC_CON_XBX folder from the Installed DLC Mods tab.
3. Restore TESTPATCH from the Modified DLC SFARs tab.
4. Restore the following files from the Modified Basegame Files tab:
- Startup.pcc -
- SFXGame.pcc -

If you restore your game via Origin, it won't work as it won't remove DLC_MOD_ControllerSupport from the BIOGame/DLC folder.

Read the mod description in Mod Manager for information on how to change game settings that are not
able to be changed when a controller is installed.


Starting with version 3.0 of the mod, you no longer need to create a GUI compatibility pack. The interface files
will be forced into memory before they are used in other locations so my patched versions will always be used. 

Information for versions 2.34 and below:

In Mod Manager, go to Mod Management > Interface Scaling/Controller mod compatibility pack generator (ME3).
A compatibility pack will be generated if one is required for the installed UI mods.

This mod MUST then be installed. The mod is only generated in your library.

If this mod updates, or you install updates to other mods, you need to update the compatibility mod.
Remove the existing compatibility mod by deleting it in the Installation Information panel.

Technical information for compatibility pack generation

Mod Developers: The compatibility generator will take interface files for this mod
and inject them into the second highest priority files that conflict with this one at a lower priority. 
It then promotes those modified files to a mod with mount priority 31050.

The mouse will conflict with some menus if it is over things that can be highlighted on the first frame.
To fix this you can install an ASI mod that will disable the mouse in the game.
Install the ASI Binkw32 bypass from the Tools menu.
Then go to Mod Management > ASI Mod Manager, and install Mouse Disabler.

To remove this ASI, simply click remove it within the ASI Mod Management window.

Click Start Game from within Mod Manager to run the game. 

If you experience crashes or infinite loading, you can fix it (in limited instances) by clicking
Tools > Run AutoTOC on Game in Mod Manager.

The Interface Scaling Add-On is integrated into this mod as of 3.0. 

Information for 2.34 users and below:

You may consider installing the Interface Scaling Add-On mod to scale up the platform-agnostic interfaces,
such as progress bars and counters.
Singleplayer Native Controller Support scales interfaces up to their 720p equivalent sizes,
but only on interfaces that are controller specific. The Add-On does the rest.

This mod is NOT compatible with the BASE Interface Scaling Mod - they both do the same thing. This mod will fully override it, so don't bother.
The Add-On mod works with both. There's a difference.

This mod (and the game) is built to support 16:9 screens. I have tried to support other configurations as best I could.
The game is not very cooperative, so if you have scaling issues, please only use 16:9 aspect ratio.
I do not plan to support other aspect ratios because it is an awful lot of difficult work to get scaling to work at all.

Designing a good UI that covers all different monitor sizes is actually quite difficult.

Please read this page.

The game will only read inputs from the first controller. This includes things like flight sticks and other HID devices.
Please make sure they are not on or connected when you start the game. If you are using ME3 on Steam,
the controller configuration must be set to 'Gamepad'.

This mod is more complex to install than other DLC mods. Do not attempt manual installation.
If you still have problems, please follow the directions in the support section below.

If you request help from me, you must submit a Mod Manager log.
You can generate and upload the log through the Help > Generate Diagnostics Log menu in Mod Manager.

You can post the link to the pastebin post here or come to the ME3Tweaks discord

This mod is connected to the ME3Tweaks mod updater service.
Mod Manager will notify you of updates to this mod and prompt you to download and update the mod as new updates are released.
Install the mod afterwards to use the new update.

Please read the Mod Manager mod description as well.
If you ask questions that are already answered I'll tell you read it again.

The text for exiting a turret is wrong if you are connected to the internet when starting the game (live tlk)
The text for hints in the first level may be wrong if you are connected to the internet when starting the game (live tlk)

I'd like to thank Moonshine for the initial work on this mod several years ago.
He provided the Xbox interface file for the power wheel and showed that making UI mods was possible.
I'd also like thank Dybuk for providing the original vibration fix, and to you, the users, for supporting my mods.

If you'd like to support my work, give this file an endorsement and check out my ME3 modding site ME3Tweaks
You can also donate a Nexus premium subscription as I download a lot of mods when I am testing Mod Manager.