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My own preset to brighten the lights and increase colour.

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I have uploaded a new 2.5 Version of this preset. Its really just a decrease in Blue Colour because it was just overwhelming n kind of ugly. Things seem more natural now imo. The original version is still there in case anyone is not feeling this kind of change but this new one is there too now.

**20/10/2017 UPDATE**

I have uploaded a new 2.5b version. this version is exactly the same except that it now uses Reshade version 2.0.3. MasterEffect has been left as is as 1.1.287 is the latest version as of this time.

I also may just get rid of MasterEffect altogether as its pretty useless for this preset. I only ever needed it for its sharpening effect anyway n this preset doesn't even use it LOL! i will update the description once I have done so.

I also recommend putting the in-game brightness to +1 for either preset!

This preset uses
Reshade 1.0.0 & MasterEffect 1.1.287 
(Version b uses Reshade 2.0.3, MasterEffect is still the same)
No Special fantastic ultra super duper effects were used. i jut like MasterEffect and thats why its used.


Open the MasterEffect.h file change the "0x2D" into "0x20" without the brackets. This will make the space button the toggle as it was before I changed it. Its next to the "#define MASTEREFFECT_TOGGLEKEY" in the "Global Parameters" section just at the top of the page. Once again, with NO BRACKETS!

If you wanna change it to something else then check the KeyCodes.h file in the Personal Files Folder which is located in the ReShade folder. ReShade folder is where you extracted the files from this lighting tweak 

So for example for me its C:\Games\Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32\ReShade\PersonalFiles file should be there.

It will have the key codes that you need to copy or manually type and replace the "#define MASTEREFFECT_TOGGLEKEY" bit.


Original Preset Description:

I always felt Mass Effect 3 looked real dull and needed to brighten things up. I tried many presets and while they were good I just couldn't bring myself to like them, including the Cinema mod.

So I made my own!

I call this Lights Effect since it REALLY brings out the lights in the game and it also increases the colour.
IMO this really makes the game shine.

One problem I always had was the colour red. There was too much of it and simply increasing the colour a bit would just make the faces look like there ready to explode! But after tinkering with it for long I think i got it just right!

Here's a YouTube video showing it in action!
If Its Dull & Not So Colourful then its OFF!
If its Bright & Colourful then its ON!

Install Instructions:

1.Download The files
2.Extract the files using WinRar to wherever you installed Mass Effect 3 (Where MassEffect3.exe file is)

You can turn the preset on or off using the Insert button (I don't have Scroll Lock)

Any problems then let me know!

I've also linked both ReShade & MasterEffect in case you wish to use their later versions instead of the older ones that come with this preset!

Reshade 1.0.0 & MasterEffect 1.1.287
There you go!
(Its also linked up top!)