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This mod gives Liara casual clothing during off-duty hours (like Shepard and James Vega for example). During battle she wears her Default armor.

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EDIT 2020: No new version of the mod. Just a small clarification because I'm not active anymore: You are free to use my mods in your own projects as long as credit is given. Anything regarding that is fine with me, modification of my version, putting items on other characters, inclusion in bundles, etc. Thank you for your continuous support ♥

Hello ME3 modders =)

This is one of my first mods and I randomly decided to share it with the world.

I just recently played the trilogy for the first time ever and Liara has been my romance option since ME1. I was bothered that she did not have any casual clothing when being on the Normandy or on off-duty hours on the Citadel, etc. I like her default armor but she deserves some more comfortable clothes sometimes too =)

This model changes her appearance in casual situations only. During battles she will wear her default armor (or the alternate one if you chose that).



UPDATE: Added a file for DLC mod installation! You can just place the folder DLC_CON_LIAC in your game's DLC folder! No need to install
anything or run texmod etc.

Thanks a lot to AVPen for the very helpful tutorial!

If you prefer manual installation:

The README.txt includes install instructions. You can either use the
textures through texmod or install them through ME3Explorer using the
included .mod file.

I included ressources in case you want to replace other models with this or modify it in any other way =)
Further Information about those is located in the README.txt aswell.

UPDATE 08-25-2015: Added .mod file to install textures permanently.


Many Thanks to Ottemis, Elemods and GirlPlaysGame for their wonderful tutorials! *hugs*
Hope you enjoy~