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Gives Jack her casual ME2 biker-outfit for Mass Effect 3. A completely self-contained mod, does not require Texmod or Texplorer to view the new outfit textures in-game.

Permissions and credits
Important Note About This Mod And The Legendary Edition:
This mod MAY NOT under any circumstances be reverse-engineered, ported, or recreated for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition (or any future version of the franchise) without the expressed permission, knowledge, and involvement of its author, AVPen.

Hey all - were you like me and completely flabbergasted at Jack's new clothes in ME3?
White tape across her exposed body and breasts?
Pants with missing sides so you can see the skin of her thighs and a**??
All worn by an "Instructor" at a special school who taught teenagers?!?

Yeah, I thought's Jack ME3 clothes were pretty damn ridiculous, especially considering that BioWare made no changes to her design after it was decided that her role in ME3 would be a teacher at Grissom Academy... that's right, they designed her first, then came up with her story without then making any edits or changes to her design afterwards to better reflect her new role. A key rule in Design, folks: If you first make a design up, but then the parameters and content of what you need out of that design later changes... you go and create a NEW design OR you EDIT & UPDATE your previous design based on those updated parameters, you don't just say "F*** it" and keep the old design without changing anything.

So I've been working on a new mesh mod to give Jack a better ME3 outfit, while still keeping her rebel/punk identity.
Fortunately for me, her casual clothing from the ME2 Alternate Appearance Pack fit the bill just perfectly.

Required Files/Programs
This mod does require WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch files to be downloaded and installed in the "Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32" folder:

Install Instructions
Just drag and drop the "DLC_CON_Jack" folder into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder (Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC). :)

1. Really? I just drag and drop this into the game's DLC folder?
Yep. :)

2. No, seriously, I don't have to fiddle with Texmod and TPF files or try and and play around with Texplorer in ME3Explorer to replace textures?
Not at all :) This mod is using a new method of integrating custom textures into DLC-type mods without the need for Texmod or permanent texture replacement - all the new textures required for the character's new outfit are stored directly in the mod's DLC folder.

3. What if I don't like the mod, how do I get rid of it?
You just delete it from your game's DLC folder.

4. And it doesn't affect anything in the base game or the other DLCs?
Nope, the mod is entirely self-contained.

5. ... Really?
Really :)

Mod Compatibility
- As of version 1.2, the Casual Jack mod is now completely compatible with Texplorer and can be safely scanned and included in Texplorer's texture database. :)

- As of version 1.1, the Casual Jack mod is now 100% compatible with the JohnP's Alternate MEHEM (JAM) mod and the Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM). :)

- Currently, the Casual Jack mod replaces Jack's outfit for the base game only - it does not replace Jack's clothing in the Citadel DLC.