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A simple tool that aids in modding all three Mass Effect games from both Steam and Origin.

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Announcement 19-05-2019

For me, this project is now dead. I have no desire to continue working on it, as I have plenty of other projects that take up my time. With that, I've ultimately decided to release the project's source code. From the tool's inception, the project has been closed off, but now that I'm done with it, I've decided it was time to release it's source code. If you all wish to work on it from here on, go for it. You can find the source code over on GitLab, where the project will remain for the foreseeable future.

GitHub URL:

Lastly, thanks to everyone who's used MELauncher over the 5 years it's been around. You guys were the only reason I continued working on it for as long as I did. Now, I give all of it y'all. 

Some final thoughts on the source code. At one point I was working on some new stuff for it, and attempting to restructure some shit code. From the start of that to now, there's changes I don't remember making, and no clue what I was wanting to do with them all. The code does compile, and does work (for all games at least on my machine). I have updated the terribly outdated build scripts to work with visual studio 2019 community edition. Following the readme, you should be able to build with no problems. Since I will no longer keep up with the project, don't expect support for the source code. If I have time I'll help, but I can't keep up with every issue anymore. Some online services that MELauncher used with my server are still up, but will remain unchanged (or even removed in the future breaking those features). 

AV False Positives (NEW)

It has come to my attention that a specific anti-virus application has started flagging MELauncher. The company in question is Qihoo-360 who flags my software as HEUR/QVM06.1.0000.Malware.Gen. Like NexusMods states when hovering over the question mark, this is a false positive. I've contacted the AV company to get the issue resolved, but as of yet I have heard no response. Hopefully they'll just fix it on their end without my input, but that remains to be seen. If you wish to discontinue use of MELauncher because of this, them I'm sorry to see you go, but I understand your need to be safe. I'll update this once I either hear back from Qihoo-360 or theu no longer flag MELauncher.

MELauncher is a simple launcher tool for Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3. It simplifies launching a modded Mass Effect 1, 2 or 3 by installing TexMod, making sure the binaries are renamed appropriately so Origin won't complain and so you don't have to manually do it, and crash handling in case something goes wrong with the launcher to ensure all binaries to the game are corrected to prevent corruption or loss of data.

TexMod does not come packaged with MELauncher, but rather downloads it from the source upstream.

MELauncher has it's own IRC channel. If you'd like to join, use the info below:
Channel: #melauncher

MELauncher's IRC hasn't been used or updated in forever. If instead you wish to quickly get in contact with me, feel free to visit my MELauncher Discord server here:

**** TexMod and Origin Issue ****
As pointed out, TexMod freezes when you launch it through Origin. This is because of Origin's in-game overlay. Simply disable it, and you're golden.
The stuck out text is an old bug unrelated to MELauncher. After months of testing, it's safe to say this bug is gone. If, however, you continue to experience this issue, disabling Origin's In-Game overlay will rectify the problem.

**** Bugs and Bug Reports ****
Bugs are everywhere, and will always pester you. Come across a bug? Please share it with me so I can fix it.
You can submit any bug reports to this email address: [email protected]. MELauncher now has a bug reporter built in, you can also submit bug reports that way vis opening MELauncher and pressing the F2 key, or navigating to "Settings" -> "Report Bug"

Current Release Version: 5.6.6290.25746
Current Update: 5.6.6419.24866
SHA1 Checksum: 672d4e2c98c1a3293dd7e07e1686804817236c31

Live Installer: 1.0.1
SHA1 Checksum: 2ae9d8663b9432ead3935eaea29acffed1c3863a