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N7 Mercenary Armor for male Shepard based on Zaeed Massani's armor.

Replaces the Cerberus armor, not the DLC ones. Doesn't apply a helmet. Check links below if you want a helmet with this armor.
The armor is pretty dark, and matte. No shiny; I wanted to give it a much darker look.
Works well with visors. Quite good with the Recon hood. Helmets have pretty long wide necks, which will cause some clipping.

Backup your files, if you use the texture .mod file it will also affect the female textures.
Files location <me3install location>\biogame\cookedpcconsole\

ME3Explorer --> Tools -->
Mod Maker --> File -- > Load Jobs
Select all the .mod files you want to use. You can also use the TPF file with Texmod for textures.
Run --> Run All
Tools --> TOCbinUpdater --> File --> Check PCConsoleTOC.bin

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