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Permanently unlocks the Stimulant Pack power from the Citadel DLC as a true, usable bonus power for Shepard.
UPDATE: Now available as a DLC-mod, no longer requires ME3Explorer to use!

Permissions and credits
Important Note About This Mod And The Legendary Edition:
This mod MAY NOT under any circumstances be reverse-engineered, ported, or recreated for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition (or any future version of the franchise) without the expressed permission, knowledge, and involvement of its author, AVPen.

For me, it was pretty apparent that Wrex's power Stimulant Pack was always intended to be an unlockable bonus power in the Citadel DLC, but for several unknown reasons, it was never unlocked in the DLC's final release (this was further confirmed by developers in BioWare, who stated that it was intended as a bonus power). In digging through the various game files of the DLC, it became apparent that the power was intended and developed to be the DLC bonus power, but there were a few key issues missing in the data that kept it from actually appearing in the game. After much research and data editing, I developed a mod for unlocking Stimulant Pack as a true, genuine bonus power that can be used by Shepard in single-player. That means:

1. No need to fiddle with the in-game console to give yourself the power - Stimulant Pack needs to be unlocked only once as a permanent bonus power for Shepard!

2. No need to keep toying with the console to lock/unlock the power in order to get a new bonus power - Stimulant Pack functions exactly like every other bonus power in the game!

3. No need to constantly give yourself back the power with the console after loading a new map/level - Stimulant Pack is completely and 100% usable all the time!

Required Files/Programs
This mod does require both the Citadel DLC (duh, lol) and WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch files to be downloaded and installed in the "Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32" folder:

Install Instructions
Just drag and drop the "DLC_CON_StimPack" folder into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder (Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC). :)

1. Really? I just drag and drop this into the game's DLC folder?
Yep. :)

2. No, seriously, I don't have to fiddle with ME3Explorer at all for this to work?

3. ... Really?
Really :)

4. How do I obtain Stimulant Pack as a bonus power?
You need to complete the fourth Citadel DLC mission, "Citadel Docks: Retake the Normandy" - upon returning to Shepard's apartment, the power will unlock in the MedBay's terminal on the Normandy. If you've already completed the Retake the Normandy mission and left the apartment before you installed the mod, you need to return to the apartment for the power to unlock. Once Stimulant Pack has been unlocked once, it becomes permanently unlocked in the player's Profile data, meaning all of the player's Shepard's have access to the power.

5. How do I obtain the Khan's Network Exposed intel asset?
You need to complete the second Citadel DLC mission, "Silver Coast Casino: Infiltration" - after returning to Shepard's apartment after the mission, the intel will unlock in the Shadow Broker's Intel Terminal on the Normandy. If you've already completed the Silver Coast Casino mission and left the apartment before you installed the mod, you need to return to the apartment for the intel to unlock.

6. Why does Stimulant Pack disappear from the MedBay terminal's power list after I purchase it?
This is standard behavior for any bonus power that comes from a DLC (Leviathan/Omega/Citadel). My guess is the developers changed how bonus powers appear in the MedBay terminal starting with Leviathan (and honestly, it makes sense - if you buy the power once, there's no need for it to remain in the list since you already have it). If you purchase a different bonus power, though, then Stimulant Pack will reappear under the Terminal's power list.

Thanks for their support and knowledge in helping me develop this mod
Kinkojiro (Special thanks & credit for developing the Khan's Network Exposed intel fix)