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Get rid of Dianna Allers permanently from the game: this DLC-mod removes her from the Citadel Docks and opens up the Normandy Starboard Cargo room to Shepard.
V2 Release now available, with new and improved Starboard Cargo room.

Permissions and credits
Important Note About This Mod And The Legendary Edition:
This mod MAY NOT under any circumstances be reverse-engineered, ported, or recreated for the Mass Effect Legendary Edition (or any future version of the franchise) without the expressed permission, knowledge, and involvement of its author, AVPen.

If you are NOT a fan of the Diana Allers character in Mass Effect 3, then this mod is for you:

Diana Allers BeGone permanently removes Allers from the game by deleting her presence from the Citadel's Docking Bay - meaning you'll never have to interact with or even see her, you won't have to choose between accepting or refusing her aid, and the SSV Shasta dreadnought won't be destroyed if you refuse her or kick her off the Normandy. Simply put, she no longer exists in the ME3 story.

This mod also allows Shepard to enter the Starboard Cargo room on Normandy's Engineering deck without needing Allers to be onboard (granted, the room is empty, but at least it's open and available to the player to explore without the need for her being around).

New Changes in V2 Release:
- The mod is now available as a DLC-mod
- Diana Aller's name is now removed from the Citadel Docks' map
- The Starboard Cargo room has been edited and revamped by Giftfish to completely remove Aller's presence, which includes removing her bed, couch, paperwork, missing people posters, and wine bottles and glasses

Required Files/Programs
This mod does require WarrantyVoider's DLC Patch files to be downloaded and installed in the "Mass Effect 3\Binaries\Win32" folder:

Install Instructions
Just drag and drop the "DLC_CON_Allers" folder into your Mass Effect 3 DLC folder (Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC). :)

AVPen  -  Concept and File Editing
Giftfish  -  New Starboard Cargo Room

Mod Compatibility
- This mod is not compatible with other mods that also edits the same Diana Aller's files.
- This mod is fully compatible with Kinkojiro's Expanded Galaxy Mod.

1. Really? I just drag and drop this into the game's DLC folder?
Yep. :)

2. No, seriously, I don't have to fiddle with ME3Explorer at all for this to work?

3. ... Really?
Really :)