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Replaces the default femshep with my personal edit. New head, hair, and textures. Custom hair and face textures also uploaded as separate mods.

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Version here

5.11.2014: updated the Mass Effect 2 headmorph with fixes from Alexandros3.

This is my default femshep, thought I'd share since it's already packed up. I haven't been able to play much lately, so I felt a bit bad just having her on ice. Perhaps others will enjoy her :)


Mass Effect 2 headmorph and texmod uploaded.
There is a minor cosmetic issue of a small line appearing at the neck seam on occasion, not sure if it's possible to fix. I transferred over each vertice by hand (!) with Gibbed and they all appear to correspond correctly to the model in 3ds. So, yeah.

Mass Effect 1 texmod uploaded.
Though it's not possible to create the exact shape in Mass Effect 1, here's the face texture in case anyone wishes to use it. Replaces complexion slider 3.

3.3.2014 Note using the current SVN TPF Tools (version 0107k) - When replacing textures in DLC files, if the size goes over 2gigs (which will happen with large mods) you will get a message your DLC is corrupt due to the engine being unable to handle files that large. The issue is currently being researched, more info on the official ME3Explorer forums:
Base game replacement is still fully functional, workarounds for DLC (excluding DLC install, Texmod) are currently required if you're running into this problem.

Update 1.0b: I have updated the install to 2 separate parts, the meshes via .mod and the textures via TPF Tool OR Texmod. This is to avoid bugs using old texture .mods on newer builds of ME3Explorer. I have also removed the separate texture download since it's now included separately in the main file. Source images can be extracted for modders using ME3Explorer.


Back up the following game files in case you want to uninstall:


Install the mesh .mod with Mod Maker in ME3Explorer
You can download ME3Explorer here.

Open ME3Explorer.

In Tools open Mod Maker.

File -> Load Jobs -> select .mod files
Run -> Run All

A window should pop up "Found _ updates, want to apply and save them?"
Click Yes, Done, and ME3Explorer should indicate the mod has successfully installed.
(You can close the debug window.)

2. Install the textures from the tpf using ME3Explorer's TPF Tools


Run the tpf through Texmod every time you play.


Option 1: Replace modded PCC files with your original backups. Run the TOCBinUpdater in ME3Explorer.

Option 2: To revert your game back to it's original unmodded state, right click on Mass Effect 3 in Origin and select "Repair Install." Warning - this will uninstall ALL mods, so only do this if you did not keep backup files. DLC files are repaired separately in the View Game Details tab of Origin. If you continue to have issues, it's a good idea to throw everything out of the install folder to be 100% certain everything is reverted back to it's original state.

This mod is designed to replace meshes individually inside the games packed PCC files. If you already have PCC replacer-style mods installed (such as older hair or armor mods) installing this mod after them will not interfere or overwrite them unless they replace the same meshes.

Issues I am aware of - sometimes her lip will glitch in animation briefly. It's not a gamebreaker for me so I haven't gone in to try and fix it. This is as-is.

Created with version 0106w of ME3Explorer.

Other mods pictured:
Full Body Female Armor by Letoanor
Buff Femshep Tank Top
Hi-rez Textures by Ottemis
Irises and Eyelashes pictured ME3 Character Texture Overhaul

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