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A simple mod that changes all ME3 cabin music to various tracks from ME1 and ME2.

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This mod changes ME3's cabin radio music to various tracks from ME1 and ME2, resulting in (imo) a vast improvement.

Please note that these are my favorite tracks; they may or may not be yours. I will not release customized versions of this mod for other users. If you prefer different cabin music, then consult the ME3 Music thread on ME3 Explorer to find out how to make your own changes to the game files. I'm simply sharing what I did for myself with others.

Tracks include:

  • Eternity (ME2)
  • Afterlife (ME2)
  • Wards, v5 (ME1)
  • Galaxy Map loop (ME1)
  • Bunker loop (ME1; the main menu music)
  • Noveria Theme 1 (ME1; as heard on ME2 cabin radio)
  • Noveria Theme 2 (ME1; as heard on ME2 cabin radio)

ME3's radio doesn't work in the same manner as the ME2 radio. Clicking on the radio turns it on; clicking it again turns it off (rather than moving to the next track). That means cycling between multiple tracks will take several clicks. Also, at the time this mod was made, modding music in ME3 is not yet a perfect science; cycling between tracks is unpredictable, but I assure you that all are present.

Note: If the tracks sound very quiet to you (despite having the game music volume and your PC volume set to reasonable levels), check the "Dynamic Range" setting in the ME3 audio menu. Setting it to "Low" will help all music in the game sound louder.

Not compatible with anything that overwrites/overrides the same two files.

See the included Readme file, or the Readme tab on this page.

BCM is brought to you by giftfish. All music is as credited by BioWare.