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THANEMOD v2 for Mass Effect 3 | by Giftfish + Friends

See the Install Guide PDF in your download.

ThaneMOD v2 is brought to you by Giftfish, with additional contributions by:

--AndromedaShepard, artwork
--Barddoc1992, writing and editing
--Brinx-ii, artwork
--Ottemis, artwork

Much thanks to:
--AthenaisShepard, Elliekrios, and Elvie, for testing
--Barddoc1992, for feedback, ideas, discussion, and moral support
--JohnP, for feedback, technical discussion, troubleshooting, and moral support
-- ThaneMOD forum community, for patience, feedback, and ideas
-- ME3Explorer Toolset Team, creators of the best modding tool for Mass Effect
-- BioWare Corporation and Electronic Arts Inc., the creators of the Mass Effect franchise

Previous content contributors include:

The ME3 DLL DLC Patcher is by Warrantyvoider. The ThaneMOD Edition of the ME3 Gibbed Save Editor by Rick, was customized by HJF4.

For complete information on credits, please see the website.

By downloading ThaneMOD (TM), you agree to these Terms of Use:

1. TM is the creative work and property of Giftfish. I retain all legal ownership and rights related to title, copyright, intellectual property, and distribution of this mod and its contents.
2. This agreement grants you a license to use TM; it is not a transfer of ownership.
3. The following parameters (A-D) outline the usage of TM and its content:
A. Permissions for this mod are "closed". Any usage beyond playing, or alterations beyond a user's personal, private modifications, requires my express permission.
B. You may not distribute, re-use, convert, translate, update, or modify, TM or any of its contents without my express permission.
C. You may not release any patches for TM, including intermod compatibility patches, without my express permission. This includes but is not limited to: direct use of files or assets (theft) and/or recreation of file edits (plagiarism) in a way that replicates the mod's experience in game. The only way intermod compatibility with TM may be achieved without my express permission is via omission of the conflicting files in the incompatible mod.
D. You may not use various programming or modding methods to hook into and alter TM's in-game experience without my express permission.
4. TM is for noncommercial use only and is provided free of charge. You may not use this mod or its contents as part of any activity in which you derive revenue, monetary compensation, or donations.
5. You use TM at your own risk; I am not responsible for any damage to your game or PC by use of this mod. Technical support may be provided but is never guaranteed.
6. TM is hosted only on Pirated copies obtained via private link or any other site are suspect and could contain malware or unauthorized modifications that will interfere with normal functionality of the mod. These copies are considered void and will not be supported. Users of unauthorized/pirated content may be banned from any present and future mods I create.

It's suggested that all modders wait for the release of TM3 prior to asking permission to create any compatibility patches or translations for the mod. TM3 is a complete rebuild, and any content compatible with TM2 will not be incompatible with TM3.