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A large content mod for ME3 that changes the fate of our favorite assassin, Thane Krios.

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19 June 2017 | TMv2.0-EGM Patch Released
-- See sticky on "Posts" tab for TMv2.0 Install Guide Corrections --
-- TMv3.0 development in progress --

Want to see ThaneMOD in action?
Take a look at the Here Be Spoilers section of the website or visit the ThaneMOD YouTube Channel.


Thane mod makes me so very happy. I picked up the PC version last week just to use this mod. All of the changes I have seen so far (huerta, emails) are so much better. I actually cringed when reuniting with Thane in my xbox version; that conversation was so awkward and terrible, and I just spent the whole time feeling like Shepard did not want to be there at all. This version was pretty much exactly what I wanted. -- A ThaneMOD Fan

ThaneMOD is a series of changes to the handling of Thane Krios’ character in Mass Effect 3. The primary intent of the mod is to provide players with the option to prevent Thane from engaging Kai Lame... uh... Leng, in the Priority: Citadel II mission (aka, “The Coup”). This prevents his death, allowing him to live through the end of the game. He returns in the epilogue, either in a series of slides or in the Memorial Scene; sometimes in both. ThaneMOD has specifically been built to be used by both friend and romanced Shepards and is compatible with most other current ME3 mods (JAM, CEM, MEHEM, etc).

ThaneMOD also includes many other story and lore enhancements contained in four optional "modules." These modules range from music alterations and dialogue changes, to new war assets, codex entries and emails, to achievements, new textures and more. Much of the new content varies with romance status and in game decisions.

With the release of v2.0, many goals for ThaneMOD have been reached or exceeded. Follow the link in the Changelog tab to view what's new. One more major release of ThaneMOD is planned, hopefully, with the following contents:

  • Continued refinement of the LI-Huerta Dialogue with Thane, including improvements to camera angles, audio, lip-syncing, and animations
  • Verbal comments about Thane by the other NPCs/Normandy crew
  • An end game romance scene and possibility of an interactive Thane on the Normandy (similar to "wandering" squadmates)
  • Tweaks to the Kaidan's hospital dialogue (possibly as it pertains to all LIs and released as a separate mod including all other anti-flirt content)
  • Citadel DLC content additions and changes

Due to its size and complexity, ThaneMOD has a significant amount of documentation. The information you will find on this page is brief (seriously). For more details, please visit the website at

All changes ThaneMOD makes to ME3 are grouped into five modules. Each module comes in different versions, depending on romance status or ending type, and in most cases can be used independent of any other module.

The five modules are:

  • Core module (standard for EC, enhanced for EC, enhanced for MEHEM)
  • Emails, War Assets & Codex (EWAC) module
  • Relationship Improvements module (Friend or Romance)
  • Huerta Music module (Friend or Romance)
  • Credits Music module (EC, MEHEM for SM, MEHEM for Julia)

For detailed information on the changes each module makes to the game, please see How Does ThaneMOD Work? on the website.

Due to the DLC mod conversion (more on this in the install guide), TMv2.0 no longer contains an installer. For now, the same pre-defined module "packages" from v1.0 are present in v2.0. Each ThaneMOD v2.0 download contains one of these packages along with other files necessary for installation. This will not change until TMv3.0 is released.

Below are the module combinations in each ThaneMOD v2.0 package. Package A is the simplest installation of ThaneMOD that makes the smallest amount of changes to the game. Packages B-E are all "complete" ThaneMOD experiences. All modules are included, but they differ in romance status (in regards to Thane) and ending type. Package F is a manual install version meant for modders and highly advanced users who need a combination not present in the other packages.

  • Package A -- Standard Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut
  • Package B -- Enhanced Core module for the ME3 EC, EWAC, Friend Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package C -- Enhanced Core module for the ME3 EC, EWAC, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package D -- Enhanced Core module for MEHEM, EWAC, Friend Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package E -- Enhanced Core module for MEHEM, EWAC, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package F -- All modules; full manual install

Choose your install package carefully and ensure it contains the contents you want to experience in game. You only need to download one, as only one can be installed at a time.

Converting ThaneMOD to a DLC mod means installation is now simpler. There are still multiple steps but all mod files are installed with a simple copy and paste. As with TMv1.0, all details regarding installation, uninstallation, troubleshooting, bugs, FAQs, changelog, and more are located on the website and in the Install Guide included in the download.

19 Jun 2017 -- Please note that the install guide for TMv2.0 is now 3 years old. Instructions for usage of ME3Explorer are superceded by the ME3Explorer wiki.

If you need help, or have questions or comments about the mod, there are a variety of ways to get in touch. The best place is the ThaneMOD forum. I check Nexus comments weekly (if not more), and am also available on the ThaneMOD tumblr--though much more intermittently.

ThaneMOD fans are welcome to participate in the various development discussions on the forum. If you feel that you have a certain skill set that would be valuable to the mod, the development discussions are a good place to start to see what projects are underway. From there, toss me a PM so we can have a more detailed discussion about your skills and whether they are a good fit for ThaneMOD.

I'm aware there are many Thane fans interested in localizations other than English. The good news is that the DLC mod conversion with TMv2.0 does make this a little bit easier. The bad news is that an English version is all I have the time to handle. Alternate localizations are an enormous project, especially for languages that require edited audio. As a result, I *am* open to extending localization permissions. Interested modders should see the localization section of the ThaneMOD forum for details. Permission is contingent on a variety of factors.

***ThaneMOD is a Nexusmods exclusive. Uploads found elsewhere are unauthorized, suspect, and won't be supported.***