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A gameplay and story mod for ME3 that changes the fate of our favorite assassin, Thane Krios.

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20 Feb 2021 | Comments Locked Until the Next Release, See Sticky Post for Details
17 Nov 2019 | New Article: Users Tampering with DLC Mod Files

ThaneMOD is a series of changes to the handling of Thane Krios’ character in Mass Effect 3. The primary intent of the mod is to provide players with the option to prevent Thane from engaging Ken, Kai the Priority: Citadel II mission (aka, “The Coup”). This prevents Thane's death, allowing him to live through the end of the game. He returns in the epilogue, either in a series of "flashforwards" or in the Memorial Scene; sometimes in both. ThaneMOD has specifically been built to be used by both friend and romanced Shepards.

ThaneMOD also includes many other story and lore enhancements contained in four optional modules. These modules range from music alterations and dialogue changes; to new war assets, codex entries and emails; to achievements, new textures and more. Much of the new content varies with romance status and in game decisions.

With the release of 2.0, many goals for ThaneMOD have been reached or exceeded. Follow the link in the Changelog tab to see what's new.

Veteran users of my mods know that I include ample documentation in every download. This documentation will answer 99% of user questions, as long as you read it. Be aware that reading this description is not a substitute for reading the supplied documentation. Key requirements are listed below to help you decide if you want to download the mod:

  • TM2 requires a new, ME2-imported playthrough. The mod must be present when you first begin the prologue. This is non-negotiable. It needs to set new plot data to work properly and these plots will not be set on an existing PT without TM2 installed.
  • TM2 must be installed for the entire playthrough. You may temporarily disable the mod, as long as you do not build its absence into your saves. This is non-negotiable, for the same reason as just explained above. Do not update TM2 mid-playthrough unless the install information in the update states this is okay.
  • TM2 is made for English localizations, only. It *will not* work for other localizations. If you attempt to use it anyway, I will not answer questions, nor provide technical support.
  • TM2 requires use of a DLL Patcher for ME3 DLC. This is included in your download and must be installed properly for the mod to work.

TM2 also has several in-game plot requirements, including the fact that Thane must be alive from ME2. For details on all requirements, visit this webpage before you download the mod.

Due to its size and complexity, ThaneMOD has a significant amount of documentation. The information you will find on this page is brief (seriously). For more details, please visit the website at

All changes ThaneMOD makes to ME3 are grouped into five modules. Each module comes in different versions, depending on romance status or
ending type, and in most cases can be used independent of any other module.

The five modules are:

  • Core module (standard for EC, enhanced for EC, enhanced for MEHEM)
  • Emails, War Assets & Codex (EWAC) module
  • Relationship Improvements module (Friend or Romance)
  • Huerta Music module (Friend or Romance)
  • Credits Music module (EC, MEHEM for SM, MEHEM for Julia)

ThaneMOD 2.0 was released in 2014, as one of the first DLC mods available. Due to various technical challenges at the time, it was distributed in 6 different module combinations, called "packages." Each TM2 download contains one of these packages (A-F), along with other files necessary for installation. This will become significantly simpler when TM3 is released. For now, folks still need to deal with this method.

Available ThaneMOD 2.0 packages include:

  • Package A -- Standard Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut
  • Package B -- Enhanced Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut/JAM, EWAC, Friend Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package C -- Enhanced Core module for the ME3 Extended Cut/JAM, EWAC, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package D -- Enhanced Core module for MEHEM, EWAC, Friend Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package E -- Enhanced Core module for MEHEM, EWAC, Romance Improvements, Huerta Music
  • Package F -- Contains all modules; full manual install

Package A is the smallest installation of ThaneMOD and makes the fewest amount of changes to the game.

Packages B-E are all "complete" ThaneMOD experiences. All modules are included, but they differ with Thane's romance status and ME3 ending type.

Package F
is a manual install version meant for modders and highly-advanced users who want a combination not present in the other packages. For example, someone who wants altered Huerta dialogue, but who wants Thane's death to remain the same.

Choose your install package carefully and ensure it contains the contents you want to experience in game. You only need to download one, as only one can be installed at a time.

Consult the install guide in your download, the sticky posts here on Nexus, and the TM website for further information and step-by-step instructions. Reading this description is NOT a substitute. Also, keep in mind that the install guide is from 2014 and instructions for ME3Explorer usage are deprecated. Users should refer to the ME3Explorer wiki for help.

ThaneMOD is a large, dialogue and plot-heavy DLC mod prone to compatibility issues.

  • TM is compatible with all mods released by myself, and any other mod that doesn't change the same game assets. Users should compare files across their DLC mods to check for themselves. Other DLC mods can override ThaneMOD if they have higher "mount priority".
  • Translations of TM, when available, are created by other modders, downloaded separately, and are used on top of TM's main files. If a translation exists for your game's localization, it will be linked at the top of this page. If it does not exist, you cannot use the mod.
  • Users of JohnP's Extended Anderson Conversation should check the Announcements sticky.

For more information on compatibility, read this page of my website and take a look at the sticky posts here on Nexus. A compatibility spreadsheet for all my mods can be found here. Modders interested in creating patches or translations for ThaneMOD should refer to the ThaneMOD website.

To uninstall TM, just delete the entire DLC_CON_THANEMOD folder from your ME3 DLC directory. TM should never be installed mid-playthrough.

Bugs.  ThaneMOD has undergone a large amount of testing, and no bugs are known at this time. If you run into any problems, use the information provided here before reporting.

Post-Distribution File Modifications. Technical support will only be provided when files have not been tampered with by the user. Any and all modifications apply (with the exception of updating the PCConsoleTOC.bin). This includes ill-advised attempts to modify "load order," resolve compatibility, and more. It also includes installation of textures with a tool other than ME3Explorer. If you experience any problems after altering my files, it's up to you to troubleshoot the problem. I cannot help.

Texture Compilations. Texture overhauls/compilations installed into your DLC mod must contain only textures. No edits to meshes, materials, or anything else. Non-texture modifications can cause conflicts.

ALOT/MEM Users. It is imperative to heed all warnings below when using ALOT/MEM in combination with DLC mods.
  • Do not mix texture installation tools. If you want to install additional textures after installing ALOT, consult its documentation. I cannot help.
  • Heed ALOT's documentation. You cannot install any DLC mods or individual files into a game already modded by ALOT. Doing so will result in problems. Consider your game files locked once you install ALOT. Consult ALOT's documentation for further details.
  • Other options.  If you desire more flexibility with your game, such as the freedom to revert one or small groups of files to vanilla state, to update/patch your DLC mods as needed, or to re-install to a fresh copy of a DLC mod, then don't use ALOT/MEM. Your other options are to install textures via ME3Explorer or run them with Texmod. There are online resources to help with both; I cannot help further.

ThaneMOD 3.0 is under active development and I'm now at the point where I'm dedicating all my modding hours to it and not my other mods. I have no ETA, as I'm inevitably wrong about the potential release date. TM is (and has been) undergoing a massive rebuild, which has also resulted in significant feature creep. TM3 implements a large amount of new content, in addition to fixing a significant amount of vanilla bugs and lore.

Here's what I can tell you so far, without too many spoilers:

  • it will no longer have install variations based upon romance status
  • it will likely still have install variations based upon ending mod type
  • it will handle all variations of Thane's import status on the fly, as it should
  • it will be divided into two DLC; one that focuses on fixing existing content (TMCore) and one that adds new content (TMLore)
  • it will allow the player to *actively* control Thane's survival via a key decision; Thane can now perish with ThaneMOD
  • it will improve upon ALL of Thane's fates, living or dead
  • it will completely overhaul his pre-coup Huerta dialogue, as we're now able to edit/replace facial animations and add new audio
  • it will include a significant amount of new content for a romanced Thane
  • it will create substantial variations in Thane's interactions with Shepard based upon loyalty and romance status
  • it will rectify the many plot holes with the variations of Kolyat's fate in ME2 and how it's carried into ME3
  • it will fix and smooth all bugs and plot holes related to Thane, Kolyat, hanar, drell, Kahje, and Bailey in ME3
  • it will implement a new quest for Thane, when he doesn't partake in the coup
  • it will address Citadel DLC content with respect to Thane

Updates are posted periodically on the website. Development discussions take place on the forums.

TM3 will be released when it's ready, not before. Thanks for your patience :)

By downloading ThaneMOD, you agree to the Terms of Use supplied in your download and posted on Nexus.

ThaneMOD 2.0 is brought to you by Giftfish, with additional contributions from:

  • AndromedaShepard, artwork
  • Barddoc1992 , writing and editing
  • Brinx-ii, artwork
  • Ottemis, texturing

Much appreciation to:

  • AthenaisShepard, Elliekrios, and Elvie, for testing
  • Barddoc1992, for feedback, ideas, discussion, and moral support
  • JohnP, for feedback, technical discussion, troubleshooting, and moral support
  • ThaneMOD forum community, for patience, feedback, and ideas
  • ME3Explorer Toolset Team, creators of the best modding tool for Mass Effect
  • BioWare Corporation and Electronic Arts Inc., creators of the Mass Effect franchise

Previous ThaneMOD team members include: coldwetn0se, Emeraldfern, and HJF4. The ME3 DLL DLC Patcher is by Warrantyvoider. The ThaneMOD Edition of the ME3 Gibbed Save Editor by Rick, was customized by HJF4. For complete information on credits, please see the website.

I've been modding the Mass Effect trilogy since 2013, when I joined the ME3Explorer Toolset Community in an effort to create what became my first mod: ThaneMOD. Users of all my mods are welcome to join my development forum on Proboards. For more information about myself, mods, policies, and more, see my website.

Currently in development - ThaneMOD 3

Other contributions:

This mod is not associated with or endorsed by BioWare Corp., Electronic Arts, Inc., or any of their affiliates. I make no money from this project.