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Restores the full final conversation with Anderson on the Citadel.

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** Version 2.0 fixed some of the awkward timings between some lines. Also changed one camera angle to avoid seeing the unfinished lip syncing for one line and replaced the odd "Uh-huh" line with "Thanks".**

This mod restores (mostly) the full final conversation with Anderson that was severely shortened in the released game.

This mod requires the Extended Cut DLC to function.

This mod installs by adding itself as DLC. No game data files are overwritten***. There is no separate uninstaller; to uninstall simply delete the folder "DLC_CON_ExtAnd" from the ME3 DLC folder.

***This does install WarrantyVoider's DLL patch which is required for the game to not reject the added DLC. It is placed in the ME3 Binaries folder (where MassEffect3.exe is located).

As with all mods to this game, make sure you turn OFF automatic updating of games in your Origin settings. Otherwise, Origin will "fix" the modified files by overwriting them with the originals.

Thanks to WarrantyVoider for creating ME3Explorer without which this (and most other mods) would not exist.