Mass Effect 3
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The Tali DLC test mod has been pulled for now. There's a texture issue to work out before re-release as a fully plug-n-play DLC.

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Tali gets a fully functional face in this mod and with a visor opacity change you can see it as she blinks, looks around, speaks. The visor isn't clear, just less opaque (original is 98% opaque, I've set it at 70% for default uniform, 68% for alternate). Reducing or increasing opacity by only 1% can have unexpected effects so I've settled on this one. In some lighting situations, the visor almost looks clear, in others it remains fairly opaque, but it is all the same opacity.

Her body is revised back to wildtype (wider hips) and her breasts are increased in size a little (only case in which I've done that to a female character). The texture is hi-res (I needed the highest res body texture maps I could get to fit a full face texture into it at close to normal face resolution).

Instructions are supplied separately (I forgot to include them in the zip of the DLC itself).